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  1. I just don't understand why you don't just try changing it like I mentioned. It takes literally 10 seconds. Keeping track is easy. I am not talking about the side of the pillow case left to right. I am talking about flipping the pillow over. I have a fresh one on one night, the following night I flip the pillow over so it's fresh again, and then the following night I start over with a fresh one. So I change every other night. It's not hard and it will only help you and not hurt you. I ca
  2. there is surely a connection with pillow case and acne. you are probably changing it frequently enough at 3 or so days as you say. keep the same pillow case on for a month and see what happens. i cant think of anything else that we put our faces against for as long as we do. in face i don't put my face against anything else besides my pillowcase. and most people sleep around 8 hours. i don't know how you sleep but i know that my face never comes in contact with my blanket. lol this
  3. Come on people be honest with yourselves. How often do you change your pillowcase? You should never sleep on the same side twice. This is one of the easiest things to do that will definitely help you in the fight against acne.
  4. I have been acne free and finally off acne meds since 2006. I suffered from acne from the age of 13 or 14 all the way to 23. I still can say at the age of 28 I am suffering from it because I am susceptible to the breakout that can lower my self confidence. However I am asking all of you because I want to help. This is a small minor hint that can go a long way in helping you with your acne. I am not saying this is the cure or anything like that. I am not saying that if you do this you will
  5. I will be 23 years old in 2 weeks and I have been on acne medication since I was 14. So, basically 9 years of acne medication. In November I saw a new dermatologist and she said that I grew out of acne enough to stop my acne medication which was retin-a micro and clindamycin phosphate. I was on that for about 6 years. I noticed my red marks definetley look better just from doing nothing to my face. Instead of smothering my face with clindamycin and retin-a micro every single day I just wash
  6. ive stopped taking pics of myself because my doctor does that for me and her pics are incredibly clear. I still see fading time to time and the marks look a whole lot better than when I started but maybe I was being a little too optimistic thinking they will all be gone in 2 months. The way it looks now, I think I might be done in 2 more treatments. But I no longer look at my face and feel depressed like I once did. It looks 100X better than a month ago and I'm going to continue the treatments.
  7. How you makin out marky?? Don't let this thread die...
  8. Anymore success markymark??
  9. I laugh at how everybody on here thinks they are doctors or physiologists. You people don't know!!!! Ask somebody professional like maybe your dermatologist??
  10. hey markymark, congrats on your success. Any chance you can post updated pics??
  11. call the doc that told you to take this....not to sound offensive but nobody on here is qualified to give you information regarding side effects from a bleaching agent. I would contact your doctor. You had the vbeam done, and he/she also recommended hydroquinone??
  12. Just go for a few more and I wouldn't be surprised if these marks vanish completley. By the way, how bad were your red marks, how long have you had them??
  13. I think this is where it's important to realize that it takes multiple rounds of vbeam to get significant results. I know it's MUCH easier said then done. Who wants to go through all this time, money, and downtime of bruising but in the long run if the results are that significant it was all worth it.
  14. I can't wait until they fade completley to see how well your old red marks have faded.
  15. you can try dermadoctor's exquisitely light spf 30 from her site. http://www.dermadoctor.com