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  1. I would Definitely look into a subcsion on that scar.research the plastic surgeon well first and get consultation.i had one for a rolling depressed scar in august looks excellent now.the expertise and dexterity of the dr. Go along way in determining how well results are from subcision.this technique is different than punch excision used for ice pick scarring.good luck
  2. Hey , endicrinologists deal with hormonal imbalances.ive been there low on testosterone from too much daily protein now its fine.as far as your acne I mentioned many posts previously.take any one of these cephalosporin antibiotics duricef, cephalexin.omnicef.spectracef vantin ceftin ceclor cedax velosef all are great for severe or stubborn acne.most importantly take 400 mg of ibuprofen with each dose of antibiotic directly.and your acne will be gone trust me i didfor over 10 years.good luck u
  3. Hello I believe your doctor has the right approach but wrong idea.i have had fat transfer 20 years ago,Idermabrasions, permament fillers laser skin needling surgery in 2005.i would go with silicone 1000 injected in droplets in your nose depressions.that would do wonders.im against fat transfer totally inexact science especially there in thin skinned nose.its all guesswork on how much fat metabolizes after transfer.you may end up with too much and a bump or not enough and limited results.since ar
  4. It is true your scars may be too superficial to be injected with a permanent filler like silicone1000 or artesense/artefil. If it is injected too close to skin surface, there is a possibility a bump will occur or it at least can be noticed. you can use hyaluronic acid products like juvederm for shallow scars but theres a real chance it wont last more than a week or 2.mine was always metabolized within afew weeks was a total waste.the permanent fillers work great in the right type of scars colla
  5. Sorry to hear that the dermatologist have a short list of antibiotics.the antibiotic he prescribed you causes diarrhea regularly and stomach issues.plus it sucks for acne.usually will only help for mildest cases.you can ask for augmentin thats in a class thats different an old penicillin with a mixer acid.hopefully he will allow you to take that.plus if u want to eliminate all your cystic acne while on the antibiotic take 400 mg of ibuprofen directly with each dose of antibiotic and results will
  6. Good luck theac please post what happens with dr. thanks
  7. Hi I see the 2 antibiotics u mentioned u have taken do have a higher incidence of nausea than average.i would go with duricef 2 500 mg a day or ceftin.they both are great for acne as are most cephalosporins.not taking on empty stomach always helps too.good luck
  8. Hello kmacri13- I have suffered from moderate to severe acne for over 20 years.during that time I have learned the best treatments.after reading your post, your antibiotics your dr.prescribed arent working for your acne.i would strongly advise when u go back to dr.in December. to have the dr. Put u on a cephalosporin antibiotic for your acne.ask for duricef 500 mg twice a day.these antibiotics are superior for stubborn or severe acne. Most importantly please take 400 mg of ibuprofen with each do
  9. Hello mahweeoh.i had those bad side effects on accutane u mentioned.it didnt work good anyhow 2 courses worth.i would strongly advise u to go on a cephalosporin antibiotic which work best gor acne ask dr for duricef 500mg twice a day.also other ones great for acne are omnicef cephalexin vantin spectracef ceftin .cedax ceclor and velosef.most importantly when u get a perscription for one of these antibiotics take 400 mg of ibuprofen directly with each dose of the antibiotic 800 mg total a day. Us
  10. Many strains of staph infections already are resistant to. Most antibiotics. Before u aquire it.that had nothing to do with the tetracycline antibiotics u took already for acne which arent really for that anyhow.accutane success figures are way overstated.85 % is way too high for supposed cure.if u try accutane good luck.id stay on antibiotics plus if u take 400 mg of ibuprofen directly with each dose of antibiotic that will get rid of your acne better than accutane anyhow until u develop resist
  11. Hi I have been on accutane twice.with very little results.if u decide to go on accutane. I would strongly advise to pressure your dr. to put u on a cephalosporin antibiotic like duricef simultaneously with accutane.this will eliminate breakout during the course.i had to do this and it worked.you cant mix tetracyclines and accutanne together but cephalosporins work much better for acne anyhow.also your dosage is dependant upon your bodyweight.i wouldnt dare go on accutane without staying on antib
  12. When I did accutane 2 courses the acne stayed and started getting worse so I bugged my dr. Until he let me go back on my cephalosporin antibiotic. People on tetracycline antibiotics need to switch over to cephalosporins during accutane if your dr. Is understanding enough.your skin is highly succeptible t o scarring while on accutane .I dont think anyone should take without Antibiotics also.accutane is no panacea even if it works many times your acne will come right back soon after finishing
  13. Hi I would definitely recommend subcision wherever an expert dr. Believes it well help.have him remove all the scar tissue there before being stitched up. Also for very depressed scarring silicone1000 injected in droplets works wonders and can make scars level easily.u dont have to worry 20-30 years down the road about your face with silicone as long as its not injected superficially.i just had a subcision on a bad scar that was depressed uneven edged in august and the area is practically back t
  14. I would go with a deep dermabrasion on both your cheeks.there is some downtime after due to redness and crustiness healing but definitely worth it and will markedly improve scarring.also silicone1000 done in droplets can be used in afew of your deeper pores to even the level of skin surface.make sure you find a dr. With plenty of experience before doing this since it is considered permanent.artecfil and artesense no longer available to use I heard unless in Isreal.good luck
  15. I would go with subcision right away and make sure the dr. has excellent credentials. have the dr. excise all the scar tissue during excision.after procedure depending on dexterity and wound healing if there is any depression left silicone1000 done in droplets is the best option and can even skin surface out nicely.i have had artesense which is similar in my nose 3 times and worked great for indented scarring.artesense and artecol are no longer available due to a multinational congomerate taking