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  1. I will look look into that Emily, thanks. Can you purchase that at a local pharmacy or store or online? Yes my skin can be sensitive and after having major success with regimen last winter I went to Aruba in July (went off the regimen way before and had luck) but still burned up pretty easily without any BP. Thanks for the info and have fun at Punta Cana! Anyone else had any luck with anything?
  2. Hello everyone! I have a trip coming up for Spring Break (going to the Caribbean/Mexico) and have a couple of problems. Anyways for the last couple weeks I have been searching around for a non greasy, SPF, no fragrance, non-comedogenic sunscreen. I feel that most sunscreens don't match any of these things and are usually thick and greasy and clog pores. What sunblock to use? Or maybe a moisturizer with a good amount of SPF? I feel that theres not many options out there, especially for people wh
  3. Great thread! I was thinking the same thing about jalapenos and spicy food and acne. Although I do feel I get more acne in the winter months, lately I have been eating nacho chips and a lot of salsa with jalapenos in it and I have been breaking at least 3 x per week. One week in January I didn't eat any spicy food and really didn't break out at all that week. I'm deff gonna cut down the chips and salsa and see what will happen.
  4. Hey timehealsall, Your skin doesn't look all that bad my man like many posted here. I think your just overreacting and just to judgmental about yourself. If I walked by you in public I wouldn't think to myself "oh that kid has acne" your skin looks pretty good actually. Plus pictures can always make things look a lot worst then they really appear.
  5. One negative thing about the regimen is the red marks that BP leaves behind. BP slows down the healing process and hyperpigmentation spots last longer. Some days AHA helps me with my red marks and flakes, other days my skin seems more red. How much AHA are you putting on? Dan recommends a thin index finger length if your going to apply the whole face. To much AHA can cause serious redness. I would probably reduce your AHA and try a few days without out it and see how your marks react. Some peopl
  6. Thanks for the post Im still breaking out and maybe thats why I haven't gotten my results. Last year my skin cleared up quickly using the regimen. This year its a different story..... I dunno but I feel Dans BP is little different then it was last year for some strange reason.. Anyways just have to up my dosage and cross my fingers (although my face has been red). Im tired of this acne... Thanks once again for the post.
  7. At 9 months I would try to cut back on the BP little by little and see if that helps reduce flakes. I would also consider trying a different moisturizer and look through the reviews on this site and see whats out there that might help you with your flaking. It kinda sucks that BP does cause flaking even tho it gives great results.
  8. Cool so you have plenty of time then! Good point that you mention about the summer time, so you may not need to go tanning because you will become naturally darker due to the sun (you don't want to look like the guy from The Hangover movie with his tan when he got married lol).. Still need to find a good sunscreen, I am going to Mexico next month and a little nervous about finding a good SPF sunblock lotion... I might have to post that up sometime soon and see what others suggest. And by the wa
  9. So you have been on the regimen for a good amount of time (almost 2 months). So your skin is pretty much adapted to the products that you are using. When is the wedding? I would most deff encourage you to keep up with the regimen and when your pimples disappear a lot quicker that means its working. Sure you will have some red marks but those will go away within a short period of time (try some vitamin e supplement it does help the skin heal a bit quicker because BP does slow down the healing pro
  10. Hey man, I know its tough I hear ya.. But no one is perfect and everyone has their own problems in life. If a girl is just going to reject you because of your skin condition, then shes a waste of time. Personally, I have light to moderate acne (depends). I go clubbing, I go out and socialize with women all the time and actually somewhat seeing a really attractive girl right now. From my own personal experience, women like it when men are confident (not cocky big difference) smart (knowledge), an
  11. One of the biggest mistakes is starting the regimen with too many different products. Have a basic gentle cleanser, lather up, and wash your face for 10 seconds or less. Remember glide your fingers gently. Click that link above from Brandy. And watch all Dans videos carefully. After awhile you will get the hang of it. And once awhile watch the videos over again to make sure your doing everything precise. After a few months and skin starts to clear up you can then add a product or two to the mix
  12. I agree with Brandy. I love Dans new moisturizer. I wish most people would of had more luck with it though. My skin gets dried, but not severe though, so it does a good job. Also I like how it leaves a nice matte/natural finish to it. Yes Dans old moisturizer moisturized a lot better in a way, but it looked like I was always sweaty and just finished a P90x workout or something lol and made my face more red. The new ingredients in this formula does not give you a shiny red face and thats the main
  13. The sun is good and bad for you. The sun does provide vitamin d which helps the skin out. However, a lot of sun or tanning isn't healthy either. From my own experience, when I used to go tanning I would clear up and my red marks would disappear as well. Afterwards, within a month or so, I would start breaking out like crazy. My cousin was a body builder and he used to go tanning as well, and he would break out on his cheeks... Some people don't have this problem though, either way to much tanni
  14. Very mild !! (mine is somewhat similar) I would not worry about it at all, like some posted, those marks appear to be pretty much old acne. Those will go a way within time. And time goes by quick! Most people on these boards would appreciate your skin! Wash your pillow case every week or so. I would also take vitamin e because many claim it has helped them with hyper pigmentation marks and allows the skin to heal faster. Don't touch your face with your fingers as well. Keep it up! Take care.
  15. - My friends 6 year old son said "what are those red things on your face?" - My ex gf and I had pics of us together and was looking at them and said that I look like I have chicken pox. - Some guy at my work went up to me and told me randomly that he can help my face with a stupid home remedy. Can't think of anything else now, not sure if I want to!