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  1. My chin is also similar. I have had three fraxels and have seen an improvement. I would also recommed.
  2. I agree- very rude and immature comment.
  3. Hi, If it will make you feel better about your self then i think you should do it. I have had three fraxels to my skin and it has definately improved A LOT. It was $$ but it really gave me the confidence that i lost. In the big picture, 5K will not make you richer! It will be worth it.
  4. Tinzin- Does this doctor have a website? Or a phone number?
  5. I have not had that problem but i have also had three fraxel treatments. I too am happy with my results BUT my face is still very very red.
  6. Greenway


    I have had three fraxels. I'm happy with my results. BY no way is my skin perfect, but it's much much better then it was before. It's definatley a start. when I have the time i will do three more.. so yes would do it again.
  7. there is no way that apple cyder vinegar is filling in your scars... i have tried it, it's like a face toner.
  8. Update for you all. This morning i was feeling daring (actually hung over) i brought a big mirror outside with me to look at my skin. I have had three fraxel treatments so far. I for once in a long time was pleased with my skin. I really see an improvement. Now it's not perfect, but its so much better then it was before. I was contemplating if i was seeing results or just having a good skin day. I'm definately going for the 4th and 5th treatment.
  9. just and fyi for everyone... please inform your doctor that you don't need that much blue dye, barely any!!! When i went for my first fraxel, there was a reliant rep there since it was my first, when the lady starting putting, sorrY.. GLOBBING the dye on my face he immediately stepped in to tell her she was using way to much! WITH that pretty much everone came into the room to watch the applicaton, and now they do it correctly. I have since had my third, and when i leave the office there is no
  10. so i had my third fraxel, i'm not sure on my settings, cause i just wanted to get the hell out of there. I'm pretty sure they pushed it up to 20 and i'm red, i know tomorrow i will look like a monster. I really hope i see improvement. PRAY!
  11. OMG- not including the years of perscriptions, retin a, differin, face wash. Microdermabrasion: $200 Sculptura: $2150 Microderabrasion/ peel: $500 Smooth Beam: $600 Fraxel: $900... to date. gross.
  12. i think if you must pop a pimple, you have to make sure your face is very moist. Steam your face before, it will help. I think at least.
  13. I also wanted to add a little good news. I COULD BE WRONG. I'm 10 day's of of my second fraxel and i have seen a slight improvement in my skin. I'm still pink, but i'm very light skined so i think it will take a while for that to go away.
  14. i have fair skin, my first fraxel they did 15 mj's the second they only did 18 mj's. when i asked her to do extra passes on my scared chin, she told me that they don't do that until the third treatment. Should i ask the doctor to go as high at 23 mj's? Or is that to high of a jump?
  15. I have noticed that alot of you had 20 mj's on your second treatment, while i only had 18, do you think i should as the doctor to be more aggressive?
  16. makes no sense, i for one am not paying 2K and alot of other people are not paying that much.. 50% improvement is 50% better then nothing, and if your not grown up enough to say no to a doctor that is making you do something you don't want to do, then that's just sad.
  17. So i just had my second fraxel today. I'm looking pretty scary. The pain was worse this time around. As of right now, i have blood spots all over my face and my face is oozing a bit, and it's hard, but when i touch it to be sure there is enough moisturizer, it's slimy. I guess, i just have to give it a few day's. I didn't ice my face the first time around, maybe that will help. I'm not as swollen as i was the first time, wondering if that will come tomorrow. Any way, will post if i see improveme
  18. It's definitely not restylane. Aquamid lasts more than a year I think. Restylane only lasts 3-5 months or so. Evolence lasts for a year apparently. (According to Evolence themselves). There's a few others too like Newfill which can last for around a year if I'm not mistaken.
  19. i just had the worst night ever, and someone just told me that i had to watch this. I'm going to watch it, i have heard that it could change the way you think in a good way. it's worth a shot.
  20. i'm so sorry. but what everyone is saying is right. don't blame yourself, you are not at fault. Wait for your skin to heal, go back to a doctor and see your options. Please don't stay in the house and hide, that alone would make me crazy. you need to get your spirits up so things wont seem so bad. I have bad skin, and just today i didn't want to get out of my car to walk into the bank of fear of seeing someone i knew with out make up. I know people must wonder what the hell happened to my skin a
  21. i could not have said it better! i'm 5 day's post my first fraxel and i can leave the house today. I'm still very red especially right out of the shower, i'm hoping it will fade. The proceedure it self can be a bit painful, but its over quickly and you can get through it. For me the worst part of it all way staying in the house for 4 day's. I'm still red, but its not as bad as it was. Its really not as bad as you will think the pain killers helped me alot because for the last four day's i have b
  22. hey i'm 3 day's post my first fraxel, the swelling is not as sever as it was in the beginning, does anyone have any advice on how to get rid of this red face?
  23. Billboy: it was funny because as i'm laying there and they are putting the light blue dye (yes people, he said there is no need to glop it on) he asks how did i learn about fraxel, so i told him that i have been researching in for over a year, and he say's oh, on message boards such as acne org? I started laughing! he then proceeded to pull up this site, he knew exactly how many people looked at this certain section. When i told him i wanted them to be aggresive on my scared area, he said the b
  24. thanks billyboy! i was really glad the rep was there, he really knew his stuff!! i did what you said and got the whole face, i am a racoon today. All swolen also, i hope to get my next one in a few weeks.