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  1. Love the detail in this man, even learned a few things, will try the honey thing but I do have one question, do you wear the honey as a mask? And if so for how long? My skins pretty much done breaking out but i'm looking for a way for it to look healthier now. Anyways thanks for the info hope everythings works out for you.
  2. Hey I know i've commented on your posts before but I think it's great your doing so well, also I think just being able to talk to people on this website is good motivation, like when you workout at the gym it's always better to have a workout buddy. Keep up the good work
  3. Amoxilworx I believe what you are doing is working for you, and i'm sure you've tried everything under the sun beforehand, but I don't think someone should just jump straight on antibiotics or accutane. No disrespect intended I just think there are other ways to at least try before going on severe medications. That's just my opinion though. I honestly believe just leaving it alone for some people can make it go away, for instance I never had acne, I just had grease all over my skin from coo
  4. Okay so I have for the most part gotten rid of my acne by just not stressing about it, I quit touching it quit looking at it and quit putting products on it. That's all fine and dandy, i'm actually extremely thankful I can say my skin being super nasty is in the past, but now something else comes on. I'm only 20 years old and I have shingles right now, it's actually the SECOND time i've had it believe it or not. Your not supposed to get shingles unless your old or have a weakened immune sy
  5. Haha soo glad I could help, good to hear your feeling more optimistic about everything, keep heading down that path and soon you won't even realize how far you've gone til you look back.
  6. Hey thanks for the feedback guys, i'm glad I could help you out in some way, and yes itchy pain I am very happy I didn't go down the wrong path but things have a strange way of working out, even when you don't think they will.
  7. Haha actually I do, all simple products are hypoallergenic and non comedogenic. I would look into the neutrogena naturals line if I were you, all their products work great and are as natural as possible. They even enlarged the ingredients on the back, because it's that safe. Although I quit using any kind of skin care products completely, all I do is use lukewarm water in the shower and finish with colder water to close my pores, once you stop fighting acne it stops fighting back in my opin
  8. Hey no problem, glad I could birghten your day a little. Although I do think accepting your skin is a part of finding happiness. That was the single most hardest part for me to get past, knowing I will never be as good looking as I used to be, it took me a long time to get over that, I even got new friends because I didn't want my old ones to think of me as any less. You've just got to embrace change, change is inevitable and eventually you'll be sitting in your rocking chair, knitting swe
  9. Just do what I do, take a lukewarm shower so your pores can open slightly and possible cleanse a little and finish by slowly turning the water to colidsh. That way you close your pores before getting out. You don't want it to be too cold though cause that can be bad too.
  10. I think your starting to figure out an important part of getting clear skin, just be happy. Seriously I literally cleared my skin by just choosing to not worry about it, don't touch your face don't look in the mirror constantly. Acne is like a bully, if you don't pay it any attention, it will go away.
  11. You need to look for non comedogenic, that's what it's called if you're looking for something that won't clog your pores. It will say non comedogenic on it.
  12. Hello 1dayatatime, I commented on a few other posts but yours is actually about a problem I used to have, and yes you are correct. Picking causes your acne to be much worse. My acne has literally dissapeared since I quit picking, it was actually a combination of not picking and forcing myself to forget about it but those are one in the same in my opinion. The first step I took was not looking in the mirror, I literally quit looking in the mirror, quit touching my face, quit washing it all
  13. Hey there, you sure came to the right place haha. I just wanted to let you know that acne does not have to be forever. One thing i'm sure you already know is acne doesn't just happen. It's there for a reason, the hard part is figuring out why, Luckily you seem to have a good head on your shoulders and a basic idea of what could be causing it. Just make sure you don't let it get the best of you okay? Your the only one that controls your mood, so if your depressed, that's your fault. I know i
  14. Tristen420

    Day 131

    I just want to say, you are incredibly beautiful. There's no reason you should be upset about your looks. Not only because you are good looking, regardless of your skin, but because no matter how hard you try, your stuck with what you got. I've spent so much of my time thinking why me, hiding my face from people, hoping and praying for a solution, and i've finally found one. It's simple, fuck it, yeah you read that right, fuck it. There's absolutely no point in worrying about something
  15. Okay so I haven't been on here since last year, and there's a really good reason for that. I'm living my life. After sitting in my room for two years straight, I was so depressed about my life I decided to kill myself, that's right. I was actually going to do it, and I have never been suicidal, I wanted to live, just not the way I was living, because of acne. So there I was, with a shotgun in my mouth, thinking after all the bullshit i've been through, this is how it ends? It can't end th