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  1. Hey guys found this, looks like eucerin renewal but in spf30+? Click the link below to have a look at the product info on drugstore's website Eucerin Extra Protective Moisture Lotion for those lazy people Eucerin® Extra Protective Moisture Lotion combines intensive moisturization with SPF 30 in a lightweight, non-greasy formula. * Microfine zinc oxide and titanium dioxide provide broad physical block against UV induced skin damage * Provides 24-hour moisturization
  2. fellow skinny ass noodly guy reporting in "But eating too much is dangerous and causes acne." get rid of that thought.. right now, maintain a healthy diet i.e layoff eating copious amounts of bad stuff and you'll be right what you need to do 1) eat lotsa protein (eggs,meat,tuna,nuts) 2) as suggested above eating 6 meals a day is ideal 3) make an effort to go for seconds, thirds.. seriously just eat and make sure its good stuff not big macs now for the weights, starting out your gonna be so
  3. can this be paid via visa card debit... i've selected credit card then visa but I keep getting error edit: nevermind all good now
  4. Hey I've been applying eucerin skin renewal with spf15 in it day and night and was wondering if its a bad idea to wear a sunscreen like this all the time? Any replies appreciated!
  5. wtf? eggs,chicken(freerange),tuna,nuts = protein get into it! start out light, use free weights (dumbells,barbells), get more confident then start goin harder n pushing yourself more, dont ignore any muscle group especially legs and back
  6. Coppertone Sunscreens oil freenon-comedogenicspf45water-proof
  7. too irritating, definately drop the scrub
  8. your spose to leave 5-15 mins between applying bp and then the moisturizer so that should be enough time to let it soak in
  9. start lifting those weights guys great link in my sig if you need any help getting started
  10. liquid if your dry bar if your oily purpose is good