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  1. Is it okay to get ear piercings while on accutane?
  2. When you increase accuntane dosage from month to month, do breakouts occur while adjusting to the new dosage?
  3. Accutane Isotretinoin (trade name: Accutane) is a powerful drug used in the treatment of acne. Four to five months of Accutane treatment usually leads to clearing of acne. It is a potent medication that is very effective for nearly all types of breakouts. Accutane is needed for moderate to severe acne that has failed other treatments. It should be used for a severe, scarring acne. Is also used for acne present for many years that has not respond completely to antibiotic pills and creams. While
  4. I'm on 40 mg a day for my first month and i'm like 6'1, 175 lbs. I think you'll feel the side effects much sooner than most people who are on a lower dosage.