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  1. hiya, i used to have this problem aswell, id have to wear soo much makeup and id come to the point i couldnt count the amount of spots on my face and i'd refuse to leave the house and just look at how ugly i was, and think people would be so disgusted by me, but eventually i realised i ha to come to terms with it and i started going out with my friends more and i would make jokes about my spots to my close friends like "ugh i have so many spots i look like a pizza," and "how do you even still ta
  2. okay so ive finished my coarse of accutane a couple weeks ago and my skin is starting to return to normal, and i was wonering what type of skincare regime would be good for my skin to maintain the clear-ness, because before accutane i was use a lot of facial washes specifically for acne prone skin and toners and benzyl peroxide creams, and now im not sure what to use, now i have normal skin because my previous stuff would damage my skin too much, please help, thankyou xo
  3. Trudi

    Day 102

    okay i havent posted in a long time wow, well im in my fourth month and since the last time i posted nothing has changed, in general my skin hasnt got any better or worse, except i got an accutane induced spot that was huge on my cheek but just became a massive lump (gross), it didnt bleed or pus didnt come out and it went away in like less than a week leaving a dark mark which is very irritating ugh but it was very weird yes?, but really i just want my scars to go away more but the accutane doe
  4. Trudi

    Day 78

    Hey! sorry i haven't updated in a loong time but that's because there haven't really been any changes at all in my skin, until recently ive had a small break out of pimples not like the cystic acne but i think thats mainly cause my exams have started and im stressing so badly, haha. ive recently had extreme dry skin on my face, like it peels off my forehead, nose and chin and its so disgusting if i dont moisturize and exfoliate! (i know ive not to exfoliate but seriously i cant help it!) wha
  5. Trudi

    Day 57

    i havent posted much recently because my skin hasnt chnaged very much in the past week, i have only one or two spots and scars i really want the scars to go away but i dont see that happening, ugh makes me so stressed. im like crater face omg does accutane realy help get rid of scars well? well the only good thing is my hair doesnt get oily at all, like never! i only have to wash my hair once or twice a week, compared to when i used to wash it every day! anyways thats about it, bye:-)
  6. Trudi

    Day 46

    no, i can only use the Epaderm cream/ointment on my face, also the ointment is great for your lips!
  7. Trudi

    Day 12

    Hey, I had the exact side effects as you when i was at around 2 weeks of accutane aswell! my eyes were so red i was taken out of school for a few days! and i got a bumpy rash under my arms and on my back it looked horrid and i got a cream from my doctor (written in my blog) and cleared it up completely! no sign of it at all! trust me its just the starting effects of accutane, now me, 46 days along the only side effects i have are dry lips and a tiny bit of back pain.
  8. Trudi

    Day 46

    Day 46 already, its gone really quickly tbh! First off i'll give you the names of the creams and topics the hospital have given me, which are brilliant I would definetly recommend them. The first cream I use is normally on any part of your body that seems slightly drier than the rest or peeling a bit, called Dermol Cream. Second one is Epaderm and comes in a cream and an ointment, I find the ointment works better and I use them for really dry places like my elbows and sometimes my knees, works f
  9. Trudi

    Day 39

    ugh day 39, it's gone quite quickly surprisingly but i havent really seen a change in my skin, it still looks the exact same and red, i get less spots like only 1 or 2 but my skin still looks bad i have to wear quite abit makeup:/ im starting to get itchy again and if it gets as bad as before im actually going to cry, i couldnt sleep before it was so difficult. and ofcourse iv still got that horrid dandruff, i admit its not as bad now but its still not very nice:( ugh, so bored just want it
  10. Trudi

    Day 32

    Thanks for the feedback guys! really helped alot!
  11. Trudi

    Day 32

    ugh okay. symptoms still the same. dry skin mainly on face all other side effects have gone away except this fucking itchy dry scalp its pure gross and does my head in! dandruff has to be the most horrible looking thing in the world and i can actually just scratch it off my head like snow omfg. ew ew ew ew help me! and on my acne i have only one spot and its in the crease under my nose so it cant be seen, but i have scars and my face is red and doesnt look very nice wether i have spots or no
  12. Trudi

    Day 27

    aw goodluck! this drug is a miracle, thankyou so much:)
  13. i have such an incredible problem with dandruff now im on accutane, and im wondering what coal tar shampoo you used?
  14. Trudi

    Day 27

    aw good luck! the first 3weeks had been the worst for me but my side effects are settling now:) awk will do.
  15. Trudi

    Day 27

    aw really? well if you'd like to know i wish my hair would still get oily. this constant dryness and scalyness is horrid. aw thankyou!