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  1. Hey Just an update on the Finacea gel - I stopped using the BP cream and have been using the Finacea gel now for almost a week and have to say its been great so far. Although my GP recommended I use it twice a day, I've been using it just once at night and it seems to be fine that way ... if I somehow build up resistance to it in future then I will try twice a day. No new cystic acne has come up, and no new smaller spots either! It has also reduced the size of some of the visible pores t
  2. When I first started using the BP my skin was like that too ... lots of areas of 'splitting' which looked like small red cuts, my skin felt really tight on my face and if I yawned it was painful. I also experienced the cuts around the corners of my mouth I found a good moisturiser which I started using every morning and after a few weeks my skin was back to normal and all those 'cuts' disappeared ... I think the stronger strengths take a while to get used to and you definitely need to use a
  3. Hey I was using the panoxyl gel with BP in it for years ... until they stopped making it! I'm in the UK too ... Not sure if this is useful info for you but There's a cream called Quinoderm, it has BP in it too. I've been using that for the last few weeks, I've been able to order it from my local boots store, I usually order 3 at a time just in case it disappears too. I think you can only get it in 5% or 10% strength though. They also make a really good facewash, I usually buy this on
  4. Hi, I'm taking oxytetracycline at the moment - 1000mg per day. It has worked for me so far, but is very limiting in regards to eating habits as the previous poster has mentioned. I too was told it needed to be taking 1 hour before food, or two hours after, which can be really annoying, and I found if I didn't stick to this even for a day or two, I would get break outs again! My acne is mainly on my cheeks, around my jawline, and forehead - usually large bumps or cystic acne which has been pa
  5. Hi, Just thought I'd share my oxytetracycline experience with you, I was also taking tetralysal before this. The tetralysal worked great for me, but after being on it for over a year it stopped working as well. That's when I got switched to the oxytetracycline. I always get worried when I switch that it will make things worse, as I have also taken lymecycline before as well. The oxytetracycline has been working for me - I was using panoxyl 10% aquagel at night which I think also help
  6. Hi Everyone, Just joined up and thought I would share my experiences so far ... I've suffered from acne on and off since about the age of 15, and I'm now almost 25. I've tried many things, but it always seems like a constant battle. When I was 15, I used topical erythromycyin which worked really well. After a while of using it, my acne didn't come back until I was 18, and I started taking the pill. This had good results, however completely messed up my menstrual cycle, so I stopped t
  7. Hi There, I just found this post and thought I'd share my experience with you too in regards to the Citalopram... I've suffered from acne on and off since about the age of 15 ... I am now almost 25. I have previously taken lymecycline and tetracycline antibiotics along side using Panoxyl 10% aquagel and the results were great, my skin became clear, although still oily but I didn't mind that as I had no acne. My GP recommended to stop using each of the above antibiotics after 6 months in