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  1. I was actually on Minocycline before I started Accutane (and for a few weeks I was on both). The Mino helped a bit with the cysts, but I also had a weird vertigo like you. Mine wasn't as severe as yours though, apparently. My worst symptom of the Mino was actually depressive symptoms, which is odd considering I never even heard of that side-effect being possible with antibiotics. As for Accutane, I've come to a place where I won't recommend it because it is such a personal decision that I don't
  2. Oh, goodness. To be honest, that sounds like a terrible idea. Zest and the like are totally irritating to most acne because it dries it out and strips the skin of necessary things. My grandma used to tell me things like this: "Listen Kat, just use regular soap and make the biggest amount of foam possible with it and then let it sit on your skin until all the subs dry out and the soap is not longer wet. Then wash it off with the hottest water you can stand.") Grandma couldn't have been more wrong
  3. I'm a female & also 145lbs I'm currently on 40mgs, and my derm said that if I were to stay on the 40mgs my course would last for 8 months. I think the important thing with accutane is the cumulative dose, so how long it lasts (by my understanding) is irrelevant as long as the cumulative dose has been met. At the rate your dosage is at (if it isn't significantly upped in the future) I'd expect your course to last 9-11 months probably. The link below is a calculator for cumulat
  4. Well, just based on the very very little I know about IB's an such, I would say if stuff is coming to the surface it is doing a good job of clearing whatever is underneath. If it concerns you that much you can call your doctor and ask if it is normal. They do make enough money off of you to help you along in your treatment. I bug my derm all the time. but she doesn't seem to mind as long as I'm asking legitimate questions. My old derm used to be a total d*ck and I would never have called him. Th
  5. I second the other poster. It seems like the more I try to do to combat acne (topical wise), the worse and more inflammed I get. Perhaps you should try a very gentle all natural cleaner until you can get into the derm. One of the more gentle things I tried before accutane that did help a little bit was activated charcoal bar soap because it controlled oil and my face never got irritated by it. I can only speak for the soap from Joppa Minerals though, and I don't know if they are all created the
  6. Can you take this *while* you are on accutane to hopefully keep yourself from losing hair? I'm seriously not worried about the other side effects, but I think I'd rather have acne than lose my hair.
  7. Well, as for the depression and mood disorders that run in your family, they run in mine too and I have experienced no emotional set-backs at the hands of accutane. Actually, the mino and/or birth control made me MUCH more emotional the accutane. I'd be driving my car and start crying for no reason; it was really strange. I used to also suffer from severe depression for many years and after I employed some cognitive behavioral techniques (I'm a psychology student) I was able to over-come these t
  8. Thanks, I appreciate the info. However, the cost of the medicine is not too expensive for me, it is the cost of the blood work that is doing me in.
  9. Oh, for the peeling, I use a soft toothbrush every night to swipe if off. During the day I have very very minimal peeling on the inside of my lips, and nobody has even been able to tell so far that I have chapped lips but me.
  10. Yeah, it seems really really odd that he would tell you to use a simple over-the-counter facewash (which, honestly, isn't even that great of quality) instead of giving you a script for a potent topical. If you haven't been to the derm, I'd try that.
  11. After I went on Doxy (did absolutely nothing for me) I switched to Minocycline. Mino did seem to help somewhat with the cysts, but other than that my acne remained. I have acne just on my face now, but I used to have a tiny bit on my back and chest. After the Mino my derm put me on Accutane (Claravis 40mg & hope to be upped in dose on Monday). I'm at the end of my first month now. It seems to me that you skin is very very resistant and it may require accutane at the end of the day. I kno
  12. Honestly, I haven't been *that* dry compared to a lot of the posts I read. My face has been the worst (still, not too bad), and I just use the Walmart brand of Cetaphil Extra Moisture. I then go around my nose with either Vicks or Aquafor. For my body I've been using Gold Bond Ultimate Sheer Ribbons in Silk Softness. I mostly like it because it smells awesome and it comes in a really cool bottle that is fun to press lol. However, it does get the job done from what I can tell. I'm not itchy.
  13. Oh, gotcha. Well, if you have been treated with basically everything else, then they likely will give you the option of Accutane; you're right. Whether or not you want to cross the bridge is up to you. I think if you have even a remote hope that something else could work, then you should consider that avenue. But if you honestly don't believe anything else will work in the long term, then maybe it is time to either accept acne, or accept the possibility of the risks of Accutane. Whicheve
  14. What is your dose, and height & weight, if you don't mind? I think if you would feel more comfortable taking a blood test monthly, then you should ask for that very directly. I see no reason why they wouldn't agree to it, unless they think it's not "medically necessary" and therefore feel uncomfortable billing your insurance for it. That seems unlikely, though.
  15. Hmm, my experience with Aquafor has been totally different. I like it because it doesn't feel or taste like basically.. anything. I wish you liked it more, because it really is a miracle worker. Another thing I use from time to time, which will seem weird, is Vicks Vapor Rub. I use it around my nose (because my nose is itchy and peely) and on my lips. It works a lot like Aquafor, but lacks the staying power to some degree. Plus, I love the last and smell. Maybe you could give that a shot..?