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    I play horn, I sing, and I love to read and bike. I have irritable bowel syndrome and I think this is linked to my acne. I've tried everything. :\

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  1. I have come to terms with my acne. My therapist has been helping me a lot. I am a talented, smart person, and I can be beautiful in many other ways. As long as I am confident, I am beautiful. And there are many other things I have learned to like about myself....I have beautiful long hair and a nice body, and I sing beautifully and play horn well, and I am kind and I am an intelligent woman, and I love to teach and help people. When i was in nicaragua last summer, I became very close to the
  2. Ask a doc. Plastic surgery is never the answer. See a therapist first. I'm not kidding. It really sounds like you're struggling with BDD.
  3. My derm started me on Retin-A Micro. I've been on it for six days, and it's basically already worked miracles on my skin. Derm told me that if I can stand it I can use it morning and night, which is what I've been doing (though I'm allergic to certain chemicals like BP and SLS and anything wheat, my skin tends to be pretty much as tough as elephant hide). I've skipped maybe one or two mornings but other than that been really consistent. I wash with Hibiclens that has a few drops of extra glyce
  4. Face is clearer, skin is REALLY DRY AND BURNY. But the Retin-A is worth it.
  5. I know what its like....I made my derm appointment in august and I got in a couple days ago.
  6. I ended up getting the pump. I was wondering if one was easier to use (it can come in both) but he gave me the pump since it holds more and I also have back and chest acne. Also, I had a much worse breakout on day two, but this is day 3 or 4 (I'm not quite sure) and my face is already doing INCREDIBLY WAY BETTER. This may be partially because I have SUPER oily skin despite its sensitivity and I can apply this stuff twice per day no moisturizer without blinking. The first couple days it made part
  7. My third day with Retin-a. My face/chest/back are peely and moisturizer burns, but my CYSTIC acne is almost instantaneously getting better and no more oil slick! And I haven't even started the prescription Oracea yet! I feel beautiful and I wish I had done this years ago. I just finally came to the conclusion that my acne is a genetic problem since none of my diets and OTC topicals have been able to touch it (though I will say they helped a little), and went to the freaking derm.
  8. Okay so I totally ranted this on another thread and I thought it might be useful for you. Be warned: It's long. For the dermatologist recommendation it might not be applicable to you, or you may have to really do some research and beg for certain meds or something (heck, I don't know how your system works). Maybe you could go to a psychiatrist for your anxiety about your acne and have him write up that you need to see a derm? (That may sound overly serious but even mild acne can cause some ser
  9. Thanks for the suggestions! Unfortunately, derma-e did nothing for me when I tried it for about 2 weeks. I tried other derma-e products and some irritated my skin, which is weird because they are more natural than other products on the market. I'll try the icing method. Any other home remedies? Chamomile tea works sometimes, but for some reason my skin doesn't like anything with green tea in it. Does roiboos also work on red marks? Here are some different herbs for teas that you co
  10. I totally understand where you're coming from on the idea that there are totally contrasting reviews and ideas about acne everywhere. It's horrible and confusing. That's because acne is just a symptom--just like a stomachache is just a symptom. Just because one person found out that their stomachache was caused by lactose intolerance, yours might be caused by an ulcer. The problem with acne, though, is that doctors don't necessarily promote all of the things that might cause it, because it isn'
  11. Cool. (like I would know) Anything moisturizing with dimethicone (to protect your really sensitive skin). I like the plain aveeno kind that has dimenthicone in it. Try using organic honey that's been processed. So in other words, the bees were fed on pesticide-free plants but the honey has been filtered. Unprocessed honey can have tons of pollen in it, which will not make your skin happy.
  12. Went to the dermatologist for the first time today He prescribed Oracea, which is an oral antimicrobial which wont kill my delicate digestive flora and which should help with the inflamation and infection of my acne, and he gave me retin-a gel. I'm kinda wondering if I should have asked for the pump though since I have to use it on my back....is there a difference?
  13. A lot of time you need a lot less moisturizer than you think. If you want to make it last longer mix it with a little aloe in the palm of your hand before you put it on.
  14. Clarisonic brushes--BAD FOR ACNE. NO NO NO. Scrubbing, believe it or not, can just push the infection around the other parts of your face. Not worth the money. If you need to scrub, try getting a little scrubby pad like this that wont irritate the acne anymore. If you need the wash to go "deeper", just leave it on for 2 to 5 minutes before rinsing. I highly suggest that you screw the face specialist stuff though, and just go to the dermatologist if you're going to spend this much money. It's o