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  1. Yes, I use an SPF 30 every day. I always thought that my fair complexion is the result of meticulous sunscreen use, and my skin just reverted back to its natural color. But my entire family is blowing this issue out of proportion and insisting that I stop using BP. This has made me very paranoid, as my aunt (who's an MD) is also telling me to stop with the BP as it affects melanin production. I'd rather go through BP's side effects than suffer with acne.
  2. Hi, I've been using Dan's BP gel for the past two years, and it's done wonders in controlling my acne. However, my parents recently commented that my skin's become "as white as a ghost" and blame it on my use of benzoyl peroxide. Ever since, I'm also starting to notice that my skin may have lightened a bit. Does BP affect skin color? Technically, BP is a bleach. If it can stain hair and fabric, why shouldn't it do the same to your skin? Thanks, Tim