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  1. Oh also, would it be good to go to a tanning booth a few times? I live in maine where my back hasn't seen the sun in like 5 months so I think It would be good for it to see the light once again. Im more worried about all the scars that are there than the current acne, which will go away soon.
  2. Yeah im still in high school and I do play a sport. I was my back vigorously every other day to keep the dead skin cells off. Then I moisturize and apply Mederma too everyday, which I dont even know if its working. Ill be much happier if I can just get the marks to fade some so there is atleast only a few bad dark ones without all the small light ones. Also, thank you very much for the diet plan too; that will help. And what are BP and AHA+? I just joined this site so I don't know, thank you guy
  3. Im 18 and have been dealing with this for YEARS now and when i finally get it off my face, the acne comes back even harder on my back and now every F**king day, self confidence gets lower and lower and lower from where its already low point is seeing this disease on my back. Half of what I think in my head is about these scars and the nodular bumps on my back. Im going on vacation in about a month and a half and the stupid dermatologist doesn't help at all by making my first appointment AFTER i