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  1. From what I've heard/read, redness of the cheeks is a common side effect of accutane. It normally goes away between one and three months after stopping a complete six/seven month course of accutane. Some people get even more redness, covering their entire face and part of their body. Not sure if this helps, but it is normal to experience redness. Hope it clears up for you soon x
  2. Hey, you could try Aloe Vera juice. It's the only thing that's worked to fade my marks. It might work for you
  3. Hello If you haven't tried it yet, you could see if Aloe Vera as a topical works for you. Make sure you either buy an Aloe Vera plant so that you can get the juice fast, or 99% or higher Aloe Vera juice in a bottle. If it is the real stuff, it'll require refrigeration to stop it going off as it doesn't contain any nasty chemicals. It should also be a runny liquid rather than a gel. Aloe Vera as a topical is the only thing that is keeping my skin clear since I stopped taking antibiotics. It
  4. So...I have been on the Dianette and the Lymecycline for five months now. And my skin is finally clear! I'm still getting the occasional spot or two (mostly when I eat something I shouldn't, or don't drink enough water) but they are usually tiny due to the medication, and go away within a day. My face has been left covered in red marks, which were getting me down to the point that I started using Differin gel which, being a retinoid, is meant to speed up cellular turnover and help with red
  5. Hello I've finally got my acne under control, and except for the occasional small spot my skin is clear. My acne used to be moderate-severe, and at the time I had completely forgotten what it was like to have clear skin. Now that I have it, I can't quite believe it. Being a girl, it is lovely to be able to leave the house without lashings of make-up! However, I do remain completely paranoid. I'm convinced that if I do the slightest thing to upset my skin, the acne will come back. Every time
  6. Well, it's been two months! I went back to the doctor a week ago, and she couldn't believe the improvement. I wasn't sure that much had changed, but she showed me some pictures she had taken before I started treatment, and wow! There really is a difference! I'm still getting a couple of spots, but they're no where near as bad as they used to be. They're small, instantly form a head which I can pop, and then they go away. Whilst I don't have active acne per-say anymore, I am covered in r
  7. Thank you, I totally agree. Having acne holds you back in every way, and you don't feel like yourself anymore. Good luck, I hope it works for you
  8. It's been a month! And in the past three days my skin has been a total rollar coaster. It felt like all of the spots on my face decided to pick up and move to my chin. I had twelve inflamed, under the skin nasty spots all on the right side of my chin. There were so many and they were so painful. But after an intensive course of steaming and hot compresses they all came to a head, were popped, and a liberal coating of honey was applied for most of the day. As of now my entire face is cle
  9. I've been on the antibiotics for a month now, and in three days it'll have been a month on the Dianette. I'm on my seven day break from the pill at the moment and (fingers crossed) don't seem to have had a flare-up. So, my skin. It has improved, but it still looks awful. Due to all the red acne marks (which I never used to get) I look like I've got a mild case of chicken pox. There are red dots all over my inner cheeks, lower jaws, sides of chin and a couple on my forehead. But, in the acti
  10. Aw thank you, they sound so much better! Especially carrot and apple. Thanks!
  11. And I've changed my regime again! Just washing with water doesn't seem to do enough, and the epsom was making my face really red and irritated. It was certainly bringing the infection to the surface of my skin (loads of new whiteheads) but I think it's too harsh to use everyday. So, seeing as my skin seems to have become intolerant to pretty much everything, I asked around and a friend recommended the La Roche Posay products. I've seen them before, but never actually tried them. The bottles
  12. I've just started using epsom salt and it's great to hear that it has worked for you!
  13. Right, I've changed my regime a bit. Well, a lot, actually. My face was bright red all of the time, more red than I think acne can cause. So I've got rid of the cleanser, and I'm not moisturising either because I'm convinced it breaks me out. Now I'm washing with water in the morning, and soaking my face in water and epsom salt at night. I've seen a huge difference this morning from doing that. My face is a lot less red, lots of the smaller bumps have gone, and a couple of the marks have fa
  14. Thank you I'll try changing the face wash.