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  1. During the first week taking it back in december of '13, I broke out near my mouth area; Luckily, it was during winter break. After that, there were slight improvements. However on the second month taking it, itve broke out on my jawline as well as my neck.. I never broken out in those areas before as much.. My face would look nice one day, then the complete opposite the next day. Next week would be my third month, ive been experiencing tiny red bumps on my face... Now my forehead has fro
  2. Is anyone here on AllKids Healthcare? Will it cover for the dermatologist visit and Accutane??
  3. The lady at first told me Mid-May, but after I said my birthday date for the registration there; she moved me back to July. Apparently, the 'adults' get first hand on the appointments and kids like myself would be pushed back some. But I'll try to call them again and maybe get some better luck at things!
  4. Sorry, should've updated this when i came back on Wednesday. Well, my family doctor checked on my face and back. She told me that my face has gotten better than before, but the back hasn't gotten better and even more pimples. She gave me a lotion version of the clin. cause i told her that my face gets really dried up. She did recommend me to a dermatologist, and i was looking forward to it. However, i called them later on when i came back and my appointment is in July... So woot, I cant wait x.x
  5. Thank you for those wonderful recommendations, i'm actually drinking lot of water then before and eating those gummy vitamins. However, im pretty paranoid trying out new things on my face now. Afraid of the negative effects it would do. And these couple of days, my face has been looking okay, minus the redness patches, but I honestly wish it didn't. And rather have the doctor see it at the worst..
  6. Well, i'm afraid that they would recommend me to those antibiotics creams ... cause i'm so sick of them already. And I know for a fact that my face has been very sensitive to them.
  7. Hey, I'm new to acne.org. I'm 17, female, and have been suffering with acne since I was in 3-4th grade. Yes, I'm being very serious about that. However, it was only one or two "bumps" that my mum refer to em on my forehead and she said it was no big deal. And that was when it started happening all over my forehead only and having blackheads on my nose. It wasn't up until 6th grade when i got big pimples appearing around my cheeks area. I've tried a lot of over-the-counter acne treatments trying