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  1. Hi I am in search for the perfect moisturizer as I have dry skin and seem to be unable to find a moisturizer that fits me. Basically I am looking for a moisturizer that meets these requirements. 1. All natural ingredients or as close to as possible. 2. Does not leave your face shiny or greasy. 3. Calms your skin and reduces redness. 4. Long lasting throughout the day. So far I have only tried 2 moisturizers which is cetaphil and pure organic jojoba oil, I dont like cetaphil as it is
  2. Hi I have very little acne to no acne at all left on my face after lots of years struggling with quite severe acne. However i am left with some red marks and a little redness of my face. currently I am only moistuerizing my face with either jojoba oil or cetaphil. but is there anyway that I can reduce these red marks and redness of my face ? it is really bothering me so if anyone got some inputs it'll be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  3. Getting a girl friend will only make his problems way worse, assueming he will be ejaculating a whole lot more with a girl friend
  4. you must be a special one then huh. Youre 25 and still have acne, something is wrong with your body and its far deeper than ejaculation. People with acne tend to be dellisional and think that EVERYTHING that they do in life causes acne when its completely false, and this "ejaculation experiment" is one of them.
  5. This whole "experiment" is really dumb and ignorant for a number of reasons. Restraining from masturbation and reducing acne has NO scientific correlations what so ever, in fact there are tons of studdies proven that testosterone levels actually INCREASE after a week from abstaining masturbation , if anything your acne might even get worse from not masturbating. Also the people who says " well my first came when i began to masturbate so that must be the reason" well guess what, when you hit pub
  6. Get rice protein, free of dairy and gluten and it is almost same quality of whey.
  7. Hey but I'm in the middle of an accutane cycle 40mg and I already ordered anadrol50 mg as my first cycle should i start it in the middle of my accutane cycle to maintain my skin along with preventing acne? The anadrol50mg cycle only goes for a month anyway. Roiding at age 16 ? haha you will suffer same destiny as Zyzz , furthermore people like you are the reason bodybuilding has such a bad rep you are a complete retard.
  8. Accutane is already a VERY dangorus drug, ordering it online is just plain stupidity you dont know what youre getting could be anything, dont snap your shit up !
  9. I have had acne since i was 14 I just turned 18, and the last 6 months my acne has gradually decreased so I am sure that ill outgrow it within 2-3 years.
  10. your scarring is very light leave it alone i would say
  11. Come on! Its ridcouless to think that your cat is giving you acne. Acne comes from the inside out, and its not caused by dirt or whatever on your skin. The only thing i can think of is that it might be an allergic reaction to fur otherwise it has nothing to do with your cat.
  12. What thoughts did you have going into this treatment? I can imagine that its not just something that you do considering accutane is such a dangerous drug.
  13. There is always a chance, people are different so youll have to try for yourself before knowing
  14. I have had pretty decent results by changing my lifestyle, I just feel lately that my acne is stuck and doesnt get better or worse thats why I was wondering