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  1. I'm basically clear after having a horrid couple years of moderate acne but now im concentrating on getting rid of the redness. Can anyone give me some tips on how to get rid of the redness on my face?
  2. Yer like most of you Ive tried basically everything i can find on the net/shops etc. As usual i was browsing for a miracle ... and saw this i don't wanna go waste another $50 but anyone think its worth a try?
  3. I've got moderate acne , face is quite good but back is quite bad. I eat really well and exercise alot. Lately i started trying 2 types of herbal detox tea's 1. Skin Detox 2. Liver Detox Ever since ive started consuming these tea's on a daily basis i have noticed a big increase on the amount of pimples ive got on my back especially. It's gone from some to MANY in the space of days. Now my question is if anyone can answer it; Is this a good sign that the detox is working and throwing all th