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  1. not too fond of myself on the outside. people like me, but i dont like myself yet. gotta love yourself first right?
  2. well i'm guessing it might do damage to the piping because salt water and metal usually dont match. not that it clogs the drain.
  3. this is happening to me too. funny huh...not! i'm getting acne on my chin a bit now and i never get acne on my chin. when i kiss her she doesnt touch me or anything either. and when the pimple/whitehead goes away its leaves those freaken annoying redmarks that stay there for like a week or 2. right now i'm just washing with neutrogena foam cleanser which is controlling it i guess but i dont really know what to do next....
  4. i have keloids left on my chest too. but thats only because my stupid first doctor couldnt even tell they were keloids until it was too late. injections really flattened them down. but you can still see the spots like chicken pots. i never take my shirt off in public or even at home unless i'm all alone. i mean if i just had like 3 or 4 i wouldnt care but i have too many red spots left after keloids that i just cant or dont want to.
  5. JKo


    basically my keloids started out like that. at first i just thought it was regular body acne but because my dumb butt kept irritating them and sometimes scratching them they turned into bastard-ass keloids. i do get injections and i think they work the best. if your pain tolerance is low it might hurt for that 5 sec the needle goes in and out, but other than that the pain is not as bad as people make it out to be.
  6. JKo


    well i have keloids on my back and for me at least they are not squishy or painful. they're just raised and red. from the looks of the picture, that will probably and most likely turn into a keloid. g/l
  7. JKo


    iofthetiger that stuff is just silicone [sp] sheets or gel. it takes a long time to work. injections are a great way to help, though sometimes people say it grows back after injections due to reinjuring the skin. once you get the keloid to shrink the hardest part is getting that discoloration to disappear. Rorschach try not to irritate those cysts on your back too much. if you do they might scar over into keloids which is way worst.
  8. JKo


    that black paste sucked. i think it made my keloids worst because after the first week, something about it dries out the skin and makes it itch more which then leads to raising of the keloids. someone please find a cure.
  9. yes its prolly a keloid. because you kept opening it up you just made it grow back bigger. stop. the derm will prolly inject you with cortisone.
  10. just to let everyone know.... I asked her and she said "YES!"
  11. didnt it burn the hell out of your skin? its strong shit.