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  1. Surely thats the same stuff, only the UK version right? I used the stuff a while ago and I remember it having a positive effect on scars etc.. But I can't remember whether I was using BP then or whether my skin was good at the time, so I can't recommend whether to use it or not. I've since steered clear of it because I've found out about SA/BP but I'm willing to give it another try seen as though you all like it so much. I've been on the regimen a couple of weeks and my skin is clearing up ni
  2. It also contains Benzoyl Alcohol, i thought we were better off with alcohol free stuff?
  3. What if you live in England and get little if any sun? Do I still need to moisturise as much as all you sun-soaked american people? I just don't wanna turn my skin into a grease pit.
  4. does this mean i can go to an actual Boots shop and buy it? Or is it just discontinued online?
  5. I've noticed these around my chin and either side of my mouth. They are white dots but not pimples and can be squeezed very easily without much effort. They don't leave a scar or bleed when squeezed. I have loads of these and I've had them many times before and I've noticed they can turn into pimples, which worries me as I have so many. i could spend a while in front of the mirror and squeeze them all but I need a good light to see them as they aren't always visible. Why do I get these? I've
  6. I've always wondered what cystic acne was, I'd never seen a picture. It sounds quite nasty and I didn't think I had it but it seems I do. I get normal whiteheads like everyone else but I also get cysts it seems. I get these inflamed red lump that don't become 'poppable' for maybe a week or so after they appear. They can be pretty painful and I've have 2 right next to each other at the moment under my mouth along with maybe one more. Seen as though it seems like a different type of acne is the
  7. Thanks a lot Dan, I must have missed that page. The list of ingredients you mentioned should help me a lot. I'll just have to spend some time looking at everything that is there and find something similar. I think you ar right about me possibly overdoing it. I think I'll cut down the BP to mornings only for the time being, the reduced dose from 4-2.5% should help too. I'll also stop using the Simply soap bar aswell I think, as it's leaving my skin very dry. Is Salicylic Acid reall that bad
  8. I've recently started on the regime and it was going fine for the first week with noticeably less spots. Now I'm breaking out and it's worse than it was before...... When I started out I bought the sensor excel razor, as recommended, and lathered my face up with facewash rather than shaving foam, as suggested. I'm wondering though whether this isn't doing the trick and my skin isn't as moist as it should be when I shave. I started with my usual Biore face wash but have now stopped as I no
  9. I used this for about 6 months and it worked a treat, my skin cleared up totally. I was gutted to find it had been discontinued a few months ago. Whether my clear skin was because of the gel or some other coincidence I don't know. However I'm not sure whether they have stopped making it, it was my docotr who said so, not the pharmacy. Does anyone know for sure whether and why they have stopped making it? I'm in the UK but I'm sure if its available in the US it should be available here too.
  10. I was just about to ask the same question. I'm from Manchester, UK, but am staying in Swindon this year. I can't faind hardly any of the stuff mentioned on this site. Can't find the Neutrogena on the spot treatment. Can't get the Eucerin Alpha Hydroxy Lotion. Can't get Cetaphil. Can't get the Purpose soap....etc.. Well I'm gonna try the oxy on the spot I think, seems to be the closest to neutrogena from what I've read. I ain't sure about moisturiser though I know I'm looking for one without S
  11. He he, I'm lucky aren't I. I rang up the morning they went on sale and ordered 4. I also managed to get 4 more from work for some friends. I already have a list of several friends waiting in line in case I get any more spare.... You're right though, it's best not to worry about your skin and just enjoy yourself, which I try to do. It doesn't help though, having that nagging feeling that your face is full of spots, I was just hoping to find a good solution. Only about 8 weeks to go.....
  12. I know Dan recommends the Eucerin lotion but I can't find it in the UK. There are other eucerin prodcuts there but I've notice they contain benzoyl alcohol which I am keen to stay away with, plus there is no aplha hydroxy in there. i might try that Garnier stuff that yo mentioned. As for face wash I've used Biore blemish prevention wash for a while and just noticed it contains salicylic acid....This is supposed to be a bad idea with BP and my spots have been pretty bad for a while. However I
  13. Thanks, No there really is no water there other than communal sinks/taps, which have cold water. I could bring my own water but it could only be cold water. I'm there for 3 or 4 days so any hot water would cool down... I will go ahead and use wipes, maybe it would also halp to splasdh some cold water over my face in morning anyway, but I don't really know.
  14. I've been applying the regimen for a few days now using the Brevoxyl/moisturiser I havee and all is going well. My skin feels much healthier and doesn't feel stingy or like its burning anymore. My skin isn't clear, as i had a fair few spots when I started, but I've hardly had any new spots (maybe just one small one) and the ones that were there before are going away. I hope it continues....then I might be clear in a week or two. Also, while I'm here, is it possible to over-moisturise? If I u