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  1. Thanks so much for all your help!! I cant tell you how much it helped me/encouraged me/ corrected me. =) Fortunately, my cysts have all gone away!!! I still have a bit of scarring left, but nothing that can't be treated with time! I am actually super glad I didnt end up taking the BC pills. Recently, I found an old tube of differin along with some benzoyl peroxide. I applied some every three days, and it did help a bit with inflammations. I want to let everyone that are suffering with cy
  2. I am super scared that it's only gonna make it worse. I have always been very sensitive to almost all the medications, it usually helps for a short amount of time then i become immune to them. i was hoping for more of the natural internal fix. but thanks a bunch
  3. Hi guys I have been an acne sufferer for a good 7 years now, I have always thought my acne was moderate until recently. In the past three months, I have developed these big red, painful cystic acnes on the one side of my face. The rest of my face is relatively clear. I have combination skin and have tried everything I could have imagine. from expensive products, from chanel to clinique, doctor prescribed medications, everything except birth control pills, antibiotics and accutane. I am not