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  1. Today is just one of those days, you know? You dont want to go out and face the world in fear of the stares and thoughts of others. But, I gotta do it. It bothers me and kills my mood...but im not letting it become my handicap
  2. I thought I would create this as a way to possibly see if there are others out there like me struggling with this condition. I am a 22 year old male...ive had this condition id say for about 10 years now. I was on Accutane when I was in high school and had a painful experience, so I went off it thinking the pain wasn't worth it. As of right now I am very fit, I like to jog alot and work on my core. Also I am a pescatarian. I don't expect others to agree with this statement - but as a young gay p
  3. I am a gay 22 year old male. I've had nodular acne for about 10 years now. Its come to a point in my life now that it has become a hindrance for alot of things in my life. As a young gay male, you want to go out be seen and have fun...not as in being scandalous. I can't wear certain clothing out because it'll show what's covering my body. I have them on my chest, back, hips, and minimal on my neck and glutes. I can't help it but envy alot of the other gay guys :/ being able to be comfortable wit