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  1. Yep, turns out I have glandular fever! So for the moment I'm carrying on with the b5, as I've tried pantethine for the last week and my skin is already getting oily again. Whether I contracted glandular fever due to a lowered immune system due to the b5 I'll never know. It is contagious though obviously, and a friend has similar symptons so I can only assume I got it from her somehow. In a way I'm relieved to know what's wrong, just a pain that I have it.
  2. I stopped taking the B5 on the Friday just gone and immediately begain taking 900mg of pantethine, split over 3 times a day, with breakfast, lunch and evening meal. I was actually only on 2 grams of B5 which seemed to be working just aswell as when I was on a higher dose. I've gone back to the B5 today as when I got up this morning I had a few more formed.
  3. I've just stopped taking B5 after a year of taking it as I have been unwell for almost 2 months and can only tihnk it's the B5. I've been taking 900mg of pantethine since Friday and although my skin still seems dry I have developed a few new spots around my mouth. I hope this is purely coincedence, as I don't want to go back to how I was before I started taking the B5 as I would rather be dead than endure that again.
  4. Yes, the first blood test pretty much tested for everything which is why i'm confused as to what's wrong with me. If the B5 was causing me to feel ill, would it not show up with a problem with a certain aspect of the blood test? I'm ordered some vitamin b complex to see if this helps. Otherwise my only resort is to stop with the b5 and see what happens. I can't handle going back to what my life was like before the b5 though.
  5. Brief history: Started taking B5 in April 2003 Started at 10grams Over the last year have slowly lowered the dose to 4 grams a day at present took 6 months to see any results Current problem: For almost 2 months I have been feeling unwell. Main symptoms have been agravated throat, nausea, lack of energy, dizzy feelings. I have seen 3 different doctors and the the first said it was tonsilitis and presribed me a weeks course of penicillin. This didn't make me feel any better, if anyth
  6. It does get better, and don't give up on girls. I have scarring all over my cheeks and forehead and hate how I look to the point where I never go out. I do however venture out on a Friday night after work with friends and do the local pubs and bars. Since September I have actually been fairly successful and have taken quite a few girls home and am now starting to see a girl from work that I really like and if is far too pretty for me. I hate how I look, but you now what, other people don't even
  7. It's mainly only been effective for the ice pick type scars. I've had microdermabrasion done twice and needling done all the other times. The larger boxcar type scars it hasn't really done anything for. I am finding glycolic peels far more effective for those types of scars.
  8. It has been fine everytime I've been (about 5 times I think). Julie always seems very professional and we chat alot and she seems very understanding.
  9. Maya, really? I had one appointment with Julie before Christmas that she had to cancel, but she rang me with plenty of notice to say that she was unable to keep the appointment. We simply re-scheduled for a later date. Julie has always been very professional every time I've seen her.
  10. I know how you feel. I'm managing to control my acne with b5, but the hassle of having to take it so often, and the fact that I've got scars all over my face means I never go out ever, I just sit in my room all day on the weekends. I've stopped seeing all my friends as I couldn't handle being around them as none of them have to go through what i have to. When I was 20 I tried suicide but failed, i'm now 22 and just wanna be dead. If I had a gun I would just shoot myself as I can't see the point
  11. I've also noticed some improvements with the scars on my cheeks and around my temples. I'm using ordinary Malt vinegar from my kitchen once a day before I go to bed. The only things that stings are my eyes (and no, i'm not putting it in my eyes!), but it wears off after a couple of minutes.
  12. I'm on my 7th week of taking B5 and it's definately working, I have 0 acne for once! The only thing is my skin is still just as oily! I don't get it. I only wash my face once at night, only using normal water in the morning. My skin doesn't seem overly dry but I'm just fed up with it being so oily all the time. Anyone got any thoughts on this?
  13. I'm gonna try this as of tonite before I go to bed. How much should I use, and do I leave it on my skin all nite? I was just going to use the type of vinegar I have in my kitchen, is that ok to use?
  14. allan


    Maya, are you just using normal vinegar, as in the type you use on your chips? Sorry for a dumb question!
  15. Hi there, i'm also interested. PS. Maya, I rang Julie on Wednesday, but she wasn't there. I left my details and was told she should get in touch with me today, but nothing so far. I'll try again tomorrow.
  16. After reading so much about this technique, I am desperate to try it and wondered if anyone knows anywhere in the UK, preferably near or in the London area where I can get this done. I'm not really too bothered about cost.