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  1. Dear Andrew, Dr Cheong's website http://www.llcheongskin.com/about_us.htm
  2. whoever wanna buy retina A or tretinion in singapore, please PM me. I can recommended a GP that I visit to you.
  3. Dear all, Any good filler specialists to recommended in Singapore? Thank you.
  4. Dear Tin, if you are still reading, look at all these positive posts and heed it!! pls think twice and .. don't let 'IT' win over you.
  5. Dear Tin, we may not known each other personally, but one thing I know, u sound depressed. Acne scars had taken away a large part of my life away, so does it for you. No amount of words could comfort you and you probably have seen and tried hard enough to treat scars. What I hope from you is don't hang up on yourself cos if you do, you have already lost the battle. We also share the pain as you do and don't make us feel the pain by leaving this forum. Hang on and God bless!! Life wouldn't be
  6. Dear all, I order twice from skin bio, each order takes about 10 days to arrive at my doorstep. I stay in Singapore so I think the speed of the order is very much subjective to where you are located. 2 days ago, I just order another product from skin bio.Today I received a confirmation mail from them. But since I heard about so many complaints lately about the deliverly time, hoped that the ppl at skin bio is doing something about it.
  7. Retin A is good , i agreed. It helps to reduce breakouts and keep the skin texture in good condition. But you have to use it on a regular basic. Once you stop using it, the skin revert back to orginal..
  8. i did 3 cooltouch, also no improvement to shout about.. ](*,)
  9. things will goes well... we shall await for your positive news!!
  10. i also stopped using vinegar. getting more breakouts than usual... sticking back to retin A now...
  11. Raffaele your scars are OK..hardly noticeable to me.. mine are much much worse...
  12. doctors are actually selling us hopes and not treatments!!