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  1. Hi guys, so I'm a big believer in the regimen and I've been working really hard and being very consistent and patient. I've noticed a HUGE difference in the texture and quality of my skin, especially after adding in glycolic acid. Sometimes I find that I apply BP to a cyst for many nights in a row and it doesn't seem to change or heal so I decide to lay off the BP in the spot for a bit and then suddenly the thing starts to heal rapidly. Is there anything to that, or is it just a coincidence? I'm
  2. I recently purchased a glycolic moisturizer with 10%. It seemed to just create all this texture on my face like hundreds of raised bumps. I feel like maybe my skin is too sensitive. Thanks for the advice though. I just feel like the doctor would have spotted it as such when I was there. At this point I'm just going to continue with the regimen and probiotic/vitamin supplements and hope that those and time will just work magic, I'm a bit exhausted, its just been years of this.
  3. The thing is, is that I'm lactose intolerant so I already avoid dairy and I happen to already eat a diet similar to paleo diets just out of food preference so I don't think my diet is off. I've starting to take probiotics and a multi vitamin as well.
  4. Hi guys, So here is a little acne history. First of all, I'm 21. All throughout highschool I had horrible cyctic acne all over my face, no acne anywhere else. I went on accutane for six months and it worked perfectly. About a year later I started getting acne again but not cystic, just small red papules. Cystic acne began to form on my neck and under my jawline eventually, so I went to a doctor. The doctor prescribed me antibiotics and a topical antibiotic, after a month or two there were
  5. So about a month of shaving with the electric razor didn't really change much acne wise. I do like it better though to be honest. My skin is actually a bit worse than above but I think that's because I ran out of my regular moisturizer and the replacement isn't really doing it's thing. I'm at a loss for what to do next. I tried a sulfur based cream and it was really helping till I washed my bed sheets and discovered that everything contained the smell so I quit that and once I quit it my face dr
  6. I dont see any visible signs of ingrown hairs or anything though. I dunno, I guess it's worth the try.
  7. Also, I know it doesn't look bad but it WAS bad in high school and I already went through all the emotional trauma over acne and went through 6 months of successful accutane treatment, it reallllllyyy hurts my self esteem to be back to having acne (regardless of how bad it is) again. And it may not look bad but its very red and VERY persistent so it's not like it's healing quickly or anything. Yeah fair enough around 18-19 your body starts to change again which means most likely hormones. Also
  8. I'm 20, and honestly, my facial hair is just starting to come in so puberty makes sense but that would really suck. I have looked into wether it was shaving or not by trying to not shave, using a fresh razor each time, switching shaving gels, applying aftershave to see if it would reduce it (if it were to be razor bumps) be razor bumps but it doesn't seem to be the case.
  9. So about 2 years ago I finished my Accutane treatment and sever cystic acne. Thankfully it would like a charm and cleared me completely with almost literally no scaring or discolouration (YAY!). Recently, however, I've been struck with another case of acne, nowhere similar to the old case. Here is a pic of me before accutane: And after accutane: And what my current skin condition is: Obviously this is a bit disheartening considering the success I had with Accutane. Even though the ac
  10. Okay so I tried BP for about a month and no significant changes occurred. Like before, when my acne was much worse, nothing worked except for accutane.
  11. After the second day my face gets extremely red and puffy and irritated so I always stop. Not sure what to do really. and that's with a 2.5% BP like Dan sells here? and are you sure you're moisturizing enough? if so, your skin must be extremely sensitive. while 2.5% BP will cause some dryness and tightness of the skin, extreme redness and puffy almost sounds like an allergic reaction. also, part of any normal routine where you're using topical solutions requires you to stick with it for a whi
  12. After the second day my face gets extremely red and puffy and irritated so I always stop. Not sure what to do really.
  13. The reason I take a shower in the morning is because I feel dirty when I wake up and it jolts me awake.
  14. I know it looks fairly faded in the picture but its much more red in person and I'd say it looks different almost every week :S