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  1. For those purple bruises, I was told it helps to massage the areas, again to circulate/channel out the blood. It hurts but it works. I haven't found anything that works for my face redness for years, so whatever, I shall give this a try.
  2. So, I realize that if I press onto the red areas (nose/cheek), the redness temporarily goes away (and reveals my true skin color ). Note that I am not referring to bumps/scars, just redness. Subsequently, of course, the blood comes back and so does the redness. A random thought that came up is that, it seems the blood is "trapped" in those areas? I was thinking if I massage properly, will I be able to "channel" those blood down to the neck and to elsewhere?
  3. lately i've been hearing that feverfew can visibly reduce face redness. any tried these aveeno products? i am giving these a try and hopefully it helps
  4. i put on retin a at night along with 2x250mg of tetracycline. it has been a few weeks and ever since i started, i dont have the extra dry/chapped skin from what i heard. instead, i have even more face oil. that is in the morning, as well as throughout the day even if i wash. i would say im having 3x as much as face oil as before. question is, why is that happening? how come my skin isnt getting dry? its retin a 0.05% btw thanks
  5. i have moderate acne here and there, with a few visible red scar marks. the main problem i've been having is the red patch across the cheek and nose area that never goes away. however i do not believe its rosacea (no burning/itching/etc) 2 weeks ago derm said i have acne and need to address those. as for the pink/red area, he said its normal, even though all my asian friends have the light brown/tan/yellow/pale face, and me being asian have red cheeks like rosacea anyways derm gave me clindet
  6. great so doxy makes you flush more instead of getting rid of it. damn idk if i should stop taking it or continue to see the results, if any. what about the metrocream, did that help you guys?
  7. my derm gave me metrocream and doxycycline 100mg, each once a day. its been 2 weeks and honestly i have yet seen any effects. i really hope to see some results soon
  8. sry to bump an old thread, but i was just diagnosed by a derm yesterday and apparently i have rosacea, was prescribed with tetracycline and metrocream 0.75% per day. i definitely hope i and all those out there will be just as successful as you. god bless us all
  9. Why don't you just try it out first? Put on the makeup and take a swim and see what happens.
  10. Hi, Thanks for your input. As a matter of fact I just tried. Here's what I did: Cleaned my chin and nose (I am only testing/practicing on these two areas) Shook the bottle Since I didn't want to waste/overuse the makeup, I dipped the liquid that was inside the cap with my middle and index fingers. Touched my chin, then kind of smudge over the red area. I used another finger (with no makeup) to smudge the "end" of the makeup so the makeup can blend into my face. Repeat for nose. And the result
  11. Hi, So I went ahead and got a bottle of Revlon Colorstay SoftFlex Ivory. Let me point out that I have no experience with makeup, let alone liquid makeup. When I remove the bottle cap, it's pretty much like a water bottle, which I can just pour out the liquid. Now my question is, how exactly do I apply it onto my face? Like pour it out and dip with my fingers then apply? Brush (which I don't have)? Or what? If someone can list me the steps (video clip would help too) that'll be awesome. Thanks
  12. My skin isn't dark at all, normally. Since I am planning to go for Colorstay, perhaps I'll choose the lightest one, ivory. Also, if I put on Colorstay makeup, do I only cover the red areas, or do I have to cover my whole face with it? How do I wash it off? Does soap/cleanser work? Thanks
  13. Like I said, the patches are alot more red if you see me in person. Anyhow, again I have no experience with makeup at all. Revlon Colorstay, but which exact product should I be looking for? Link please? Also, would ordering online, say via ebay, be fine? Cause it would be very embarrassing for me to walk in a store, try the makeup stuff and buy. Thanks
  14. I really hate to have red patches like these, so embarrassing. People are probably like, "woa that guy has a pink face"
  15. Hi, I have these big red patches on my cheeks, area around eyebrows and nose. In reality they look worse than the picture, and they get alot worse when I am nervous, cold/hot etc. I tried some cream and lemon juice, no luck. So I am thinking of using makeup to cover them. What should I get, I have never touched makeup in my life. Also, should I get a dark color so it can cover them easily, or should I get a color that's like my normal face color, seeing how I am Asian? Help is much apprecia