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  1. yup, i use foundation and powder every day over my layer of BP and moisturizer. and the regimen has still worked for me. i use cetaphil cleanser; it is quite good at removing make-up. it doesn't take more than a few seconds to wash off the foundation.
  2. Hey all...I've tried this product too. I've been using it for about a month. At first, I replaced my night time BP with the Multi-vitamin, and I didn't like the results...as others have said, it's just not as effective as BP in terms of controlling acne. Then I started putting the BP on top of it; this seems to work for me. I wouldn't call it a miracle solution, but I think it has helped the overall appearance of my skin. Red marks have faded slightly, skin is smoother. I only use it at ni
  3. Hey there...I do the Regimen 3 times a day: morning, late afternoon after school/work, and before I go to sleep. However, I have been on the Regimen for about 5 months, and my skin has adapted to the BP...no redness or excessive dryness. I would not have done the Regimen 3 times a day when I first started off; it would have been much too irritating. If your skin does not get too irritated by doing the Regimen 3 or even 4 times a day, then I don't think there is any problem with it. It just
  4. Good call, vetmed. I've been on the Regimen for about 5 months. It took me about 3 months to get clear, and at times I was very frustrated. But seeing the results now, I am so glad that I stuck with it. Do I still get pimples? Of course, there is no 'cure' for acne. But overall, my skin is 100 times better than it was pre-Regimen
  5. I think says that because it can be used without water, no need to rinse off. But I use it like regular soap, and rinse it off....and it works great.
  6. i'm a 24-year-old female, and i have acne on my cheeks, mostly on the bottom half of my face, which i've heard is typical of adult acne. i also have acne around the mouth and chin area, but nothing on my forehead or nose (strange, because those are the oiliest parts of my face). when i started the regimen, my cheeks were covered in acne, probably about 10 medium-large red ones on each side (possibly small cysts? i'm not sure). i had a few around my mouth and on my chin as well. I absolut
  7. tetracycline is a short-term solution. i had a couple of rounds on it when i was a teenager, and it did kinda work for awhile. but my body developed a resistance to it like all the other oral drugs i've tried. it did have one weird side effect...when i had my wisdom teeth pulled (they were still underneath the gums), they were green! ...and my dentist asked if i had been on tetra before, because he sometimes sees that side effect....weird, huh? :-s
  8. hey fellow canadian...i've seen neutrogena on-the-spot in shoppers drug mart, london drugs, real canadian superstore, even safeway...i live in Vancouver, where do you live???
  9. I have mild acne on my back and shoulders, and moderate acne on my chest. I tried using BP on my chest, and it burned my skin and made the acne worse (funny that this didn't happen to my face....my chest skin is more sensitive??). I stopped using the BP and am just using Neutrogena Body Clear Body Wash now. It's helping, but veeeerrry slowly. I know what you mean about not being able to wear the clothes you want. My chest acne is so bad right now, I can't even wear v-neck shirts!
  10. i agree with thatoneguy. my acne has ranged from mild to heavy-moderate for much of my life =( but no one really cares about it. sometimes my friends will comment when it gets really bad, but that's only because they want to suggest products that will help (nice of them, but what do people who have perfect skin know about acne products?? not much...). i've never had a lack of friends, or lack of attention from guys because of my face. the bad thing is what acne does to your self-esteem. scr
  11. i've been on the regimen for about 6 weeks too. i still get new zits. it sucks. but the regimen is still doing a good job at controlling the acne, even if it's not preventing new zits completely. hang in there, i'm with you....
  12. i'm 24. i've spent the last 12 or 13 years hating my face. i've been on antibiotics and used almost every topical treatment out there. every morning i cover my face with foundation, hoping that it will make my face look more normal. i never leave the house without make-up and i always wear my hair down, thinking that it will somehow cover up my face. when i am not staring at the floor when talking to people, i peek at their faces with envy, wishing that i had their perfect complexions. eve
  13. i had alligator skin the first few days i was on the Regimen too but i stuck with it, twice daily as recommended, and by the end of the first week my skin looked a little more normal. not acne free, and definitely dry, but no longer scaly. so i think you should keep going with the Regimen for a few more days and see if your skin gets used to it. mine did, and the BP gets absorbed quite easily now (i've been on the regimen about 6 weeks).
  14. whoa, thanks kristiana. i'll go see my doctor/derm....what i have is kinda itchy too :-k thanks to everyone for their posts!
  15. i live in Canada too....do you have London Drugs where you are? they have decent stock, and much cheaper than Shoppers Drug Mart