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  1. Apologies! Didn't even know he had done til u replied to it!!!
  2. I'm at my breaking point. My random scarring just gets worse every day. From nowhere new scars form. Accutane has made it worse. Looking in the mirror destroys me every day. How can I live like this. Why is it happening to me. I don't want to be perfect. I just want to be happy. I feel empty. I just don't know what to do. I want to sleep and never wake up. My children deserve better. I feel numb.
  3. My derm told me I deffo did not have amcv as he had treated it before but I'm not convinced. Think he was trying to make me feel better. If it's of any comfort to any of u, this happened to me years ago whilst taking accutane and 4 months after my course they started to fill in and went away completly a year later. They're back now but I still have hope x
  4. I attacked my skin with bp aha and emu oil prior to accutane and saw these scars appear. Slowly they faded but now they have worsened. Just don't know what to do. How are u supposed to deal with something you don't understand and have no control over. Every day I pray for a small improvement but it just worsens.
  5. I definitely did not have these scars. Trust me when I say that. My acne was never ssevere and I have scars places I've never had spots.
  6. My skin looks just like yours and it happened out of nowhere. A lot of threads about this at the moment. Try leave your skin alone as much as u can x
  7. It's worked for me once before so I know it kills acne but it is also killing all my healthy skin. Like I've lost all plumpness from my skin. So Awful Looking.
  8. I didn't have a break out. Just scars forming from nowhere
  9. So many threads on this at the moment. I'm going through the same thing so know how u feel x
  10. I've done one month of 10mg a day and each day I wake up to a mass of scars, lines enlarged pores. Pretty sure it's amcv but accutane has 100% made it worse. I would rather spots that this mess that is my face. I'm so distraught. I don't want to leave the house and I could quite easily hide away forever.
  11. I'm a month in and although not really getting spots now my scars are awful. My skin just gets worse every day. Have to try find the strength to finish this.