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  1. Thanks so much all. So, okay, silicone--not so good. What about the other stuff--collagen, restalyne (sp?), etc.?? I appreciate the advice on the docs--thank you thank you!!
  2. I've seen Dr. Stewart--she's all about the microdermabrasion. I've read the old boards. I can't seem to find anything about doctors who will do fillers in Colorado. Also, I'm sort of looking to see if anything new is out there... Those are all of my justifications for this post. Is that enough?? Thanks for doing a search...but truly, I'm not lazy--I've been searching all over the internet. I keep thinking there must be an easier answer--surely there are some people here in Colorado with
  3. I guess I'm already too far gone. I did use the search tool!! Maybe I'm crazy and stupid, but I couldn't find anything. All I really want is some help!!!
  4. Okay, does anyone know of a good dermatologist in the Denver area who knows about acne scarring? I'm interested in subscision and filler injections, and I've called about 10 names from the phone book. I've visited a few, and all simply recommend full on laser resurfacing (which I'm afraid to do), or a visit to their aesthetician to sign up for a whole bunch of (IMO worthless) microdermabrasion sessions. None have ever injected collagen or anything else in acne scars. None have done punches o
  5. Thanks everybody! I think I'll look into the woman in Greeley. I called that harvard park place (which right near where I live) but they put me on hold for about 30 minutes. Then, a woman said she'd have someone call me back, and they never did. Anyone see any results with the laser, by the way? How many treatments do most people get? I'm sure it depends on the person, but I'm curious as to the financial committment of this whole thing...
  6. I live in Denver, Colorado & I'm looking for a derm who has a smoothbeam laser--I'm thinking of trying it for my rolling scars. I had a hard time searching on the internet--not much came up. Can anyone help? Thanks!
  7. njinco1


    get the tea tree oil from puritan's pride (search them on google). It's very cheap and very effective!
  8. I think I may have something going on that's similar--I noticed these lines (and they aren't wrinkles!) when I put on some mineral makeup. I was wondering if all these topicals are doing something strange to my face!!
  9. I'm absolutely annoyed because the bumps from this soap have now turned reddish, and if they either remain red for a long time OR scar, I am going to be soooo mad!!!! I haven't broken out in forever! I hate when something that is supposed to help actually makes things worse. This is what happened when I tried Retin A--I'm still battling those red marks & scars from a year ago. I don't want to badmouth anyone's product (especially when it works for people), but I'm so bummed!
  10. I just want to mention that I bought tea tree oil (I don't think it's diluted at all) from puritan's pride vitamin store (online), and they sent me THREE roll-on bottles of the stuff (it was 3 for 1). I can't remember what it cost, but it was cheap--and it works amazingly well!! I keep one in my car & one in my purse for emergency zits (you know, like when you know one is coming on) and it actually prevents them. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!! (I don't think it lightens any marks, unfortunately
  11. katu - sorry to hear that! How long has your rash lasted? What's the deal with that soap--I thought it was supposed to be great!!!
  12. Agreed. Don't waste your money. Buy the microdermabrasion cream off of Ebay and get a peel from Homepeels. If you've got money, invest in treatment that may at least have a chance of working, like Smoothbeam or subscision or whatever else you research that might help your individual case.
  13. I have white skin which gets red/blotchy pretty easily, although I've got olive undertones (I'm Italian/Irish--go figure). I used the soap about three times, and each time I just lathered it up & washed my face regularly--I didn't leave it on for an extended amount of time. Although I don't want this to happen to anyone else, I feel a tiny bit better that it's not just me!! It does bum me out a little because I'm still on a desperate search for something to get rid of red marks... If
  14. okay, that is flippin' gross! We never know how good we have it, do we??