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  1. I took Accutane for the first time when I was 16 (I had severe cystic acne). I don't remember the dosage but it was a high dose accutane course. I can say that my dose was high because my skin was extremely dry, not just on face but all over the body. My face cleared up very well but I didn't have enough money to continue the course so I stopped in the third month. Then I took it 2 years later, I did a low dose course. (10mg first two months, and 20mg for other two months),my acne wasn't bad at
  2. Are you seriously saying that you have never seen anyone taking 90mg, 120mg? I have seen people taking dosage as high as 160mg. Like you said, it depends on weight and with higher dosage, the chance of remission is less. I have also taken low dose accutane for 4 months (10mg for the first 2 months and 20mg for the other two). I also weigh 86kg and I am a big guy so I guess my dosage is right according to my weight. When you do a course of accutane, you are trying reduce the chances of remission
  3. Hey Khkk! Last year, I did a low dose course of Accutane. I started with 10mg.(I am 78kg, 188cm). My skin was very oil at the beginning. On 14th day, the oil was gone. I took 20mg for the 3rd and 4th month. My hair was tad dry and my skin was doing great. I had no oil or acne. The only problem is that you have to continue taking it and my dosage was really low according to my weight.I only decided to take it because I preferred low dose long term course of accutane. I had to stop due to financia
  4. Because my derm told me to split them. lol Is it good to take 2 pills at once? Next month, I'll be taking 90mg of accutane.
  5. Hello, I am on 60mg of accutane. My derm told me to take it with a fatty meal. I take one pill in the morning after breakfast(A glass of milk, some raisins and half cup oats) but with the second meal I think I am not eating enough fat. I take my second pill in the evening with 10 cashews, 15 almonds and 1 whole egg and 2 egg whites. Is this enough? Can I take both of my pills after breakfast? ( I really want to take both of my pills together but don't know if this will be a good idea)
  6. The problem is that I cannot see my dermatologist for the next 2 weeks because I am out of city so I want to know how many days exactly. lol! A month? 2 weeks? And thanks for your reply.
  7. I was on retin-a for the last seven months and i gradually increased the dosage and went upto 0.1%. It didn't do me any good. I went to a derm and he is putting me on accutane. However I read somewhere that there should be some pause if you have been using retin-a.How long should I wait before going on accutane?
  8. I don't eat meat. I tried cod liver oil for a month by seven rivers? idk i didn't notice any improvement so stopped taking it .Vitamin d is something i didn't try. will give it a shot. Well I have been eating two huge spoons of peanut butter since the last two years lol btw when i started peanut butter two years ago to gain weight, i used to have it with milk and it actually made my skin better( i know its weird) but i gained weight just to make my scars look betteR( because scars look better i
  9. Long term dosage can be harmful but there are people and even studies done on people who have done long term low dose courses ( like yours) without out any much side effects. My accutane scheme was like 20mg a day for first month and then 40mg for 2nd and 60mg for the next month. however I stopped the treatment after 4 months because my skin became clear and I was happy.
  10. My skin cleared after her birthday but it was too late. She already cheated on me and lied to me about her cheating. This continued for a very long time and i was hurt. I can't tell you much i was hurt. but oh well, We are not discussing my relatonship here. lol but yeah acne took that away from me. And talking about oils. I can go on and on about it. firstly, in my country there is oil in everything, in lentilles there is oil, roti(chapati) is made in oil and then ghee is poured on chapati to m
  11. Hey! first of all congratulations that accutane worked for you. You said you were on 20mg for the first month and then 40mg. How long were you on acctuane? I totally understand how good it feels to get ready without makeup and have the clear skin. I was on accutane two times (but both the times I left it after my skin cleared. My derm told me to continue for 6 months but I left in 3 or 4 months both the time) the only side effects I had was dry skin, lips and flakiness. But it did work wonders.
  12. I once used Honey and oats scrub and it made my acne worse.
  13. Thanks mate. I explained my ex a long time ago why i couldn't meet her and asked her for sometime until my acne clears up. She got really upset when I didn't meet her on her birthday(i know its my fault but i was hard for me). I do go out but not very often. Right now I have this huge whitehead which is going down but i just dont want to leave my house with it. I go to gym in the morning and it makes me feel better. I am not highly stressed but sometimes i do feel very bad. I have tried literall
  14. Hey, my skin is exactly like yours. I wanna know about your experience with 10mg a day for 8months since i am also going to low dose on accutane. How was the first month like? Note that I don't get cysts usually now I just get oily skin and sometimes pimples that hurt but when they come to head they become white(gross ik sorry) and then they go after 2 weeks but they are not common now but I do get them in 1 or two months and its quit frustrating so I wanna control my oil and acne with low dose
  15. Sorry if this is long Hi. I am a 20 yo guy from India.I am 6"3 and weight 79kg. I started getting acne when I was 14, it was really really bad huge blood filled cyst( sorry ik its gorss) that would hurt really really bad. I tried changing diet but nothing happened. I went to derm and she saw the severity of my acne and prescribed me accutane and it was the best medication ever given to me. It cured my acne in 2 months, I still had marks and scars(which i have until now) but my skin was free
  16. Ok man, take it from a guy who wears foundation and setting powder: It is a highly effective way to not only treat acne, but make your skin look better in the mean time. Stress can cause acne flare ups, redness, etc... and putting on makeup can take away some of that stress, thus helping with acne. I am very much an internal curer of acne. Now you are going to want to find a non comedegenic makeup brand (just look on the box). I use dermablend cover cream and setting powder, works wonder
  17. A lot of things. I was considered attractive by everyone in my family, friends, girls were after me. Then i got acne, it my ruined my face, life career. It took away my confidence, i can't even look to people in eyes when talking to them. I put my hands on face( almost like a fucking boxer) to hide my acne scars. I wanted to be a model from childhood and i was really going to become and then this acne came and gave me ugly scars, now no modelling agency is taking me. It destroyed my dreams, my c
  18. Thanks, can you give me the link of Matt's post?
  19. It's winter in my country so there's no way i am gonna sweat. And they are mostly red, so i don't care if a scar is visible but i don't want anyone to notice my 39 pigmentated marks and scars(yes, i counted them lol). Is there anyway i can hide them?
  20. I have red acne scars(Pitted), and i can't go out with them. It's so embarrassing because whenever i talk to people, they stare at me and i feel so uncomfortable. So, i heard about some guys who use make up to hide their acne scars. But i have never used makeup, and don't know a single thing about it. Also, i have heard that it can cause more acne, is that true? Please teach me how to use makeup, i am really desperate to cover these red acne scars. Thanks!
  21. But fillers are temporary. Won't laser or derma roller help?
  22. Hello everyone. I have these red acne scars from acne. They are red and pitted. I tried retin-a but it made them worse and pitted. I went to a derm and he suggested me derma roller and said that chemical peels won't do anything for my acne scars. I have been so much depressed because of these, i don't go out, don't even see anyone. I just go out at night so that no one can notice my acne scars. I don't get major acne now, just some whitehead here and there. What will be the best treatment for me