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  1. wow---so it's been a while. actually, i have completed the treatment. i did 6 months all together and it worked magnificently. people are telling me my skin is glowing and i look great and i tear up when they say that cause i don't think they realize how much of a struggle it has been. i'll write more later, but i wanted to thank everyone for supporting me through this. it will get better, for all y'all just beginning the journey. accutane really IS a miracle.
  2. thanks for all your help through all of this (craig, patience, franks, antony, etc)... and yes, it is super-nice to not worry (as much, i mean i still worry about red marks) all the time... (if i get the guts, i might want to post before/after photos)...
  3. Hi everyone-- I've been so effing busy with work and school and stuff that I signed on today for the first time in...um...maybe a month and a half... I am coming up on my 20th week, but I'll probably be on for, like, 25 weeks... but my skin is clear--basically! Yeah, you heard me--CLEAR! I mean, I have red spots aplenty and some little scars, but nothing my wonderful makeup can't handle. The other day someone actually told me my skin was glowing--I teared up! the reason I am writing isn't to g
  4. i got my nose (no comparison?) re-pierced while on accutane. it healed just fine. i ended up taking it out 2 months later, while still on accutane, and it healed up fine again.
  5. Wow, I haven't written in a while. I am on my 17th week of accutane at 120mg (60AM, 60PM). believe it or not, although I am seeing improvement, I am still experiencing breakouts. I only started seeing ANY improvement about 3.5 weeks ago when I went back on chinese herbs. Which one (the 'tane or the herbs) is really doing the trick is a mystery; I'm just satisfied that SOMETHING is working. I have an appointment with my dermo on wednesday (he slapped me high-five last time I saw him--he is super
  6. yo. i've had big (sometimes bloody) boogers too. and a runny nose. this stuff is so weird. the things it does to our body..
  7. i am also on 120mg. and i am only 125lbs. i started on 80 for 2 months, 100 for 1 month, then 2 weeks ago i was upped to 120mg. i find the side effects to be a lot worse, but i am noticing improvement in my skin. (thank god). i will be on through august probably--a 6-7 month course. anyway, good luck--and think of all the future summers that we'll be able to spend in the sun--with CLEAR SKIN!!
  8. damn--haven't written in a while. but, i have good news. my face is (fingers crossed) better... i think. actually. yes, it is much better. i have been on 120mg for 2 weeks and i also went on a new herbal formula a week and a half ago. is it a coincidence that the acne only started clearing up when i went back on herbs? i don't think so...but whatever it is..it is working. i see my dermo on tuesday and i know he will be so happy. the side effects are a bitch though. i have a voracious appetite,
  9. um.,..mr. james booker, WHY exactly is this insane? turnover20 and lola: how much do you weigh? what were your main side effects and how did you combat them? did you clear up? and lola: is most of your acne on your back and chest? thanks.
  10. thanks for replying. i am looking forward to hearing more about your experiences on this dose...i will write more tomorrow. now, i MUST go to sleep. nightynight.
  11. i hope you feel better, patience. as you know, i am too going through an initial breakout from hell (i am onto 13 weeks now). and i know how frustrating it is that one day it can seem and feel better only to wake up the next morning to a whole new breakout. i think the trick is to remember what you told yourself when you decided to try accutane (i try to do this too). when i started accutane i told myself, "whatever happens, go with the flow. it will get better. the breakouts will end. stick wit
  12. antony: yo, kid...what's up? glad to hear that you are doing well. i am still chugging along....i was just raised to the crazy dose of 120mg/day. we'll see.. just wanted to say hi. "hi" :lexi
  13. that stuff is really mild..i've found...but, then again, i apparently have skin of steel.
  14. thanks for posting these and kudos on your guts. dealing with the scarring is a bit like cleaning up after a hurricane. or a fire. or something...you got out of the assault alive, now it is just to try to get back to what you were used to. it will be a slow process. you are doing everything you can, and since you have no active acne, there is NO way it can get worse... maybe ther is some laser treatments that can help with scars in the immediate post accutane months? i don't know, just an idea
  15. frankie: why couldn't you say, "the fact that the doctor is not there anymore is one issue, but i NEED to come in--i waited a few months for that appointment and i am UNWILLING to wait anymore." i mean, you don't want to lose any time when she could be giving you another treatment, right? my only advice is to get it over with --the accutane that is. i WISH i did it sooner before my unbelievable breakout. then this whole thing would have been easier to deal with, i think. anyway, thanks for the
  16. thanks, peeps. all you need for ID is dry lips and a tube of aqauphor. (franks, you are an honorary member)... ...but seriously, no 120ers?
  17. i was just upped this morning to 120mg. wondering... --anyone else is on this gargantuan dose? --what are your side effects? --how long was your course? --what should our secret handshake be?
  18. hi. i am on accutane (13 weeks, just upped to 120mg today) and i am still getting cysts. still getting injections. and when i started accutane, i had this cyst colony on my right jaw line that took, um...maybe 6 rounds of injections to go away completely. it is still all red and stuff, but not scarred. i mean not pocked. still red though, like i said. sorry if this doesn't make sense--i'm watching tv. but it will go away. those cort shots are kinda fool-proof. good luck.
  19. well, today the craziest thing happened. my derm upped me to 120mg. i broke out the other day with 3 new cysts on my left cheek and a HUGE cyst on my back--an unusual place for me. so my derm gave me a few injections and told me that i am the first person in his practice that accutane hasn't worked for. i told him that was one title i am unwilling to take. he said he wanted to raise me in a month, i asked if we could do it now. he was all, 'do you have any sucidal idealization?" i was all, "no".
  20. well, like i said, these horrible side effects would be easier to handle if y skin were clearing up. but, nope--still breaking out. so what is the consensus on what is best to relieve back pain? i am going for acupuncture tomorrow.
  21. thanks for replying... yeah--my lips are all jacked up too. i put on aquaphor and something my derm gave me a sample of: dermatop ointment, it's aight. my eyes haven't been SOOO dry (i put drops in them sometimes) but definitely not my most horrible side effect. the dull headache: comes and goes. i'm not sure if it is a dehyhdration thing or what. i mean, i try to drink so much water, but as much as i drink, i stay dry. the water runs right through me and i go to the bathroom 5 minutes after i d
  22. i have no idea if what i am experiencing is the common, run-of-the-mill accutane pain. i wanted to run it by all y'all. --LOWER BACK: kinda at the way bottom of my spine (my coccyx--tailbone) there is a sharp ache (if that makes sense) and it gets worse after i've been sitting for a long time on a hard chair, or standing for a long time. --KNEES: my knee caps hurt real bad when i bend down to pick up something. they also hurt more when standing for long periods of time. --HEELS: when i have bee
  23. thanks, cass: i think i will try that saline stuff. it seems better than sticking aquaphor up my nose. go saints: holy shit! you are beautiful and your skin looks impecable. i love seeing success stories.
  24. cetaphil doesn't wash off makeup. you should use something that specifically washes off make-up AND will clean your face, without irritating it. this is what i use: http://www.sephora.com/browse/product.jhtm...&categoryId=B10 and, fyi, i am still breaking out like a mofo. see my topic: http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php?showtopic=52468 i hope it will eventually start working out for both of us.
  25. thanks everyone for the advice and well wishes. i am particularly mad today since i have 3 (count em--THREE) new cysts today. blast!