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  1. Thank you and Arcadia and Austra, I will follow your sage advice and let time run it's course first before doing anything drastic. Very thankful for this forum, if not I would probably be out a lot of $$. I'll keep everyone updated with pictures so others who go through a situation like mine can know what to expect. Thanks again!
  2. Hello Austra, Thank you so much for the detailed response, I really appreciate you putting in the time to offer your perspective. I went to a "dermatologist" today who diagnosed these as boxcar scars so he concluded that subcision would be ineffective. I only put dermatologist in quotations because he then proceeded to sell me on a package of $1200 TCA cross treatments, which I could start in a month after further healing, then $4500 C02 laser treatments. I know enough from the resear
  3. Hey folks, Just wanted to get some opinion regarding these scars. I recently just finished up with adult chicken pox and I really wished I had suffered through this as a kid b/c it's twenty times worse as an adult. Anyhow now I have about 7 indented scars on my face, the worst one which is smack dab in the middle of my forehead (photo 2 attached). It's not that deep but it's pretty wide. I have also attached a picture of the other smaller scars mostly on the left side of my face. Wo