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  1. Artificial skin? You say like it's a new thing, it's been for 3-4 years and it fails it's even worse than skin graft.
  2. Yes you're breaking out because of your hormonal changes stress, anxiety and depression causes hormones to not work the way they should. And well, sorry for your loss
  3. One of many side effects of Roaccutane (Accutane) is dry eyes and pink eyes, so the dryness and pink eyes could be more prone to infections such as conjuctivitis and other eye related deseases which you have caught. It's not the fact it's my thoughts, not I'm not telling you to trust me, I may be wrong but I know things about medicine and medications especially about acne and anxiety.
  4. Give it to me I'll put a trial on myself, then I'll let ya know if it works
  5. It's been a long time so is this hydrogel thing available or is it died as every other single "miracle" that promises the impossible?
  6. This ain't no hypertrophic scarring... Go to derm.
  7. The way for hypertrophic scarring is sski + dmso .Research it and go for it .If it is irritating use essential oils or aloe vera or aloe vera+slippery elm paste . The way for you is NOW. Good luck with your new regenerated life. Calm down man, don't be paranoid I'm just joking, we all have imperfections if not acne scars then something else. If you think this is the worst thing that can happen in life you're wrong, people with cancer and aids and thousands of other diseases playin' with death
  8. They should invent time machine I would like to see what's new in 2050's maybe by that time they finally will figure the way on how to heal scarless.
  9. Nothing major will happen I assure you...
  10. Hi everyone! And what the hell is that "colloidal silver" ?
  11. I had something like this (Depression or Anxiety) and I still have it, but much milder... Sorry can't help you much your scars are very different from mine, I'll only share a little story with you So it all began 3 summer's ago I had crazy acne breakout all over my chest, shoulders, upper back, at first I thought it'll all go away, but I was wrong every single cyst left scar (hypertrophic - raised) to this day I don't know what else should I do every single dermatologist and surgeon said they
  12. Yeah I saw casino, but I prefer goodfellas over casino. Though Godfather is the best IMO.
  13. It really looks like temporary thing, forgetaboutit I used to feel like this, though I have scars on my upper body, it still lets me down to this day but not that much anymore. summer is near and I'm still not ready it's 4th summer I haven't been shirtless in public.
  14. Damn, I'll pass lol Good luck anyway