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  1. What does everyone think of the Clarins Men Active Face Wash or Active Face Scrub. For me it feels clean and refreshing after I use it, but I really don't know if it's drying out my skin or helping it out. I was on accutane a few months ago and I used Cetaphil to wash my face but before accutane I was using the Clarins product. I do know that if I don't rinse my face under the shower for at least 30 seconds and I open my eyes, the fumes burn my eyes. ANyways, just wondering what other people th
  2. Yes it does smell kinda weird and bad. It is bacteria afterall. Stinky feet is caused by bacteria too
  3. 1 more day Well, time flies. It's been a few months since I last updated. After about the second month, I kinda just got used to the symptoms. I have 2 more pills left to take today and then I'm done my course. yay! My acne has gotten considerably better. I've gotten comments from relatives and friends saying my skin is clearer. Only thing now are some red marks that haven't faded yet. I'm hoping that the acne won't come back. So far I've only gotten a pimple or two once in a while but nothi
  4. I'm halfway through the 2nd month of accutane. Started off at 40 mg and developed this kinda rash on my right hand (as shown in the attachment). It went away after a week. Starting month 2, this rash showed up again but now it's on both hands, more severe on the right. The rash looks like little circles around my hair follicles. It doesn't look to bad in the picture but it's actually more red in real life. Anyone else experience this?
  5. Week 6 Went to the derm on sat and he upped my prescription to 80mg a day. After taking it for a few days, I'm starting to break out again like I did in week 1. White zips coming out and some nodular acne. Hopefully once this breakout is over, I will be clear. Also, the rash on my right hand as returned along with small amounts of rashing on my left. I'm contributing this to the increase of accutane dosage. Knee pain is still present. That hasn't changed much. Changes Increase dosage to 80mg p
  6. Isn't it strange how all of us got it only on our right hand? Weird. And yes, your lips and skin get better after week 2. Still dry, but not painfully dry.
  7. Week 4 Went to get my blood test today. I hope everything is okay. So let's see...this week I started to develop some joint pain on my right knee. I first felt it when I was driving. I guess the position of my leg made it hurt. And now, it is happening more often. It's not always there, but only in certain position. Another thing, the back of my right hand has developed some sort of rashy thing. I don't know how to explain it. It looks like each root of the hair folical on the back of my hand h
  8. Really? You only use one squirt? Maybe I"m doing it wrong. It seems like one squirt isn't enough to cover my face. I usually do 4 or 5 pumps and spread it across my face. One pump doesn't feel soapy enough to cover my whole face. I end up rubbing my non-soapy hands on my skin instead.
  9. I just recently bought the Cetaphil daily face wash. Not what I'm normally used to because it doesn't lather. So do you guys use a lot of cetaphil and cover your face, or just use a bit and try to lather it a bit?
  10. Thanks for the replies guys. Keep them up!
  11. Week 3 I'd have to say that week 2 was the worst when my skin got really dry and my lips really dry as well. But now as I'm almost done week 3, things are getting better. My lips are still dry but they don't hurt, and my skin doesn't seem as dry. Maybe it's because my body is adapting to the drug, or maybe it's because I'm applying moisturizer morning and night. The acne itself, i THINK it's slowly fading. It could just be in my head though. I'll have to stay on this longer to tell. Changes: L
  12. I'm doing an informal survey and hope you can all participate. This is what I want: Sex: Age: Accutane Dosage: Length of Treatment: Side Effects (how long they remain after treatment ended): Just an example... Sex:M Age:22 Accutane Dosage:40mg first month, 80 for 4 months Length of treatment: 5 months Side Effects: dry lips (1 year after treatment ended) I'm trying to study how long any side effects remain after the accutane dosage has ended and if there are some permanent ones. Thanks for
  13. So I guess I can say this is nothing to be worried about? Phew
  14. I'm about two weeks into accutane and a few days ago when I took a crap, I noticed that the toilet water had some red tint. When I wiped, there was blood on the toilet paper. I've never had this before and it just started about a week after starting accutane. I'm guessing it's one of the side effects of accutane but I've never read anything about it before. Has anybody had this before? Kinda freaked out.