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  1. Thats crazy, really. Evolved! we are evolved!
  2. Oils in general are not actually moisturizing. Oils are sealants. They seal off your skin from losing moisture it already has, but they do not actually add moisture to the skin. Remember that oil does not equal moisture. Moisture is related to water retention. You can have oily and dehydrated skin at the same time. Or moisturized skin that is not oily. You will need a moisturizer with good humectants. Humectants attract water to the skin. CeraVe Moisturizing Lotion is a good, light moist
  3. I use this blog to quote usefull statements/informations/opinions etc. on & about acne & health. This is actually by melmel. It's best if you ask her for first hand experience. Thanks.
  4. zinc is actually good for acne. you can use the search bar to visit more threads on how physical sunblock (non nano-size ones) that has helped many. i am unsure where you have come across that information but if you can share the source, would be helpful. also, do you have any experience?
  5. you look great! don't worry about the marks which are hardly visible ! enjoy!
  6. where have you been,XXYY?

    1. congratulations lily! i'm happy for you.i'll pray this good luck stays with you forever & you feel great skin wise as well. cheers! Welcome! I'm 21 and I've had acne since the age of 13, on and off. We all understand how you feel. My cheeks used to be the favorite part of my face, because they were cute and just made my face. I got cystic acne there when I was 19, which cleared up after going to the dermatologist. After that, I started struggling with non-cystic acne that iron
    2. i'm glad something has worked for you but just one day (or 30 minutes like you had mentioned in your original post) sounds unreal to me. i have a feeling it must be placebo effect! i have no proof though! anyway congratulations!
    3. do you have your message system turned off?

      1. alternativista


        Not that I know of, but I'll check it out. I'd wondered why i wasn't getting PMs.

      2. aanabill


        it's either your settings or you might have reached the maximum message storage level(i suppose!)

      3. alternativista


        Yeah. The box is full. But I deleted tons of messages & its still full. They still appear with the other messages, but with a big red box with the word 'deleted' I don't know what more needs to be done to get them purged. Log out maybe?

    4. uh oh! but the format has changed anyway. previously the "unlike" option used to appear only after the post was liked.
    5. i just noticed there's an extra "unlike" button & i think it's awesome! there won't be any count of this in 'total likes', right? *just curious* congratulations paul! **edit - i thought it's dislike button but hmm! it's just the 'unlike' option. anyway, to paul - ever thought of an 'dislike' button?
    6. that's more or less my diet too. except for i have white rice(in small amounts twice a day) and vegetable oils like soyabean oil, sunflower oil, or rice-bran oil (small amounts) in cooking. i also have oats atleast once a day. i've chickpeas(black ones) dry roasted too. & green tea(twice daily). i indulge in very small degree once in a while. say two bites of dairy-free sweet or 1 wheat(gluten) snack.
    7. aanabill


      congratulations! looking great. & i love that specs.
    8. Increasing DHT (dihydrotestosterone) almost always increases chances of acne. This is why many bodybuilders come to this forum wondering why, just as they're getting the muscle results they want, their acne goes up. Weight lifting rapidly increases DHT...and acne. This is why lowering testosterones is usually a safer bet, especially if you're female, because there is a very direct correlation with elevated testosterone (or testosterone sensitivity) and acne problems. Progesterone is more...e
    9. there's a thread for IF. u might want to check that out.
    10. do u mean that for even if taken in moderation & for those without any auto-immune disorder/caffeine intolerance? also, isn't a lil' caffeine suppose to be good(if one isn't intolerant)?
    11. hey! i use a q-tip(aka ear bud) to just dab some concealer on a spot(or PIH). it works good for concentrated marks/spots. not a good idea if the thing is spread or bigger in size though!
    12. i'd been on zevit for sometime(about 3 mnths i'd say) its a VIT B complex + VIT C + zinc capsule. its also got nicotinamide and folic acid in small amounts. i think ite helped with my skin & body over all. my derma prescribed me that for 6 weeks while i continued for several weeks more. but i think once you get back on track & have a healthy BALANCED diet , i'd prefer taking in all the vits from your food. thats the best format u know. u dont have any risk as such from the "othe
    13. elovera & dermadew aloe gel(it's got paraben though! which is non-comedogenic but it's paraben after all)
    14. Mustard oil used to be the main cooking oil in older times.even about 25 years ago.but now it's used less in most households, instead people use refined oils like soyabean oil, sunflower oil, very recently started with rice-bran oil, etc. i've heard my grandmum say it's good but i am not unsure. i have not found much on it except these : http://articles.timesofindia.indiatimes.com/2012-05-18/delhi/31764478_1_mustard-oil-erucic-acid-olive-oil (read the comments too; some are rather dumb thoug