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benzoyl peroxide - 3.5% aqueous gel
works fast on spot drying burns - making the spot redder/brown i use it for spot treatment (previously consistently once everyday; now at times when i have more bothering spots) it is fast and good for treating active spots. does burn/pigment the spot(in my case).i am unsure if it makes it more pigmented or keeps it so for any longer but yes,the spot looks reddish/brown for few days(i never get habituated because i dnt use it constantly on one spot.so it goes away with use of wash)

By aanabill,

clindamycin + nicotinamide gel - works on treating active + is known to work on healing pigmentation(while treating active spots).it doesnt have the side effects of bp(it not as fast as bp though!)
treats acne- anti bacterial works on pigmentation has no/less side effects(unlike bp); in some cases - slight/moderate oiliness is reported(am not much sure) like any other acne medication, it does make one photosensitive is not as fast as bp when it comes to spot treat bacterial spot works well for me - doesn't have cons of bp; which is why its always a preference for me. it works fine on any inflamed spot or headed spots. is also good for open spots.

By aanabill,

saslic salicylic acid(1%) foaming face wash
unclogs pore removes upper dead layer helps with PIH,whiteheads and cleans oily skin. for those who seek acidic pH for washes - it's pH is 5.5(balanced) unavailability at every local store or beauty store.medical stores are good source. lasts for a month or so. #it's got SA(1%) which is suppose to 1.keep pores clean - unclog the pores 2.remove the upper dead layer of cells - acts a chemical exfoliator. 3.help with PIH and whiteheads,etc 4.keep u relatively less oily &#1

By aanabill,