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  1. I have this exact same problem. I react to absolutely everything. I was going out my mind trying to find something that didn't leave my face red and itchy and the only line I can use is a brand called Pai. It's quite pricey but worth every penny in my opinion. I'd rather spend £34 on something than have damaged, irritated skin. I use the Geranium and Thistle moisturiser but they do a few different ones. They do samples too for not much. x
  2. Hi guys, I started using honey on my face a few days ago because I wanted something natural and antibacterial to add my routine . But when I apply it and leave it for just a minute or two, my patches of eczema go bright red and sting/itch. The redness doesn't happen all over my face. Just on problem areas like the eczema and acne. Which is why I can't decide whether it's an allergic reaction or not.?? Is this meant to happen? Very confused! :/
  3. Unfortunately I'm allergic to jojoba ! Which is so annoying because it seems like the perfect oil. But the reaction was so bad when I used it that I had to be hospitalized. I'm glad it works for you though !
  4. Thanks for your reply ! I'm hoping this recovery period will happen sharpish because it's been six whole years now and no sign of any healing It's very disheartening because I'm sure something would have happened by now. I've never used AHA's or BP or anything and I definitely can't or won't now, that's for sure ! I've used organic skincare for years. I use a very mild organic face wash once every 2 days (Once or twice a day is too drying because my face produces literally ZERO oil). I'm all
  5. I could write an entire essay here on how awful my skin is but I'll get straight to the point ... When I was younger (from the age of 11 up until 18) I used to plaster every cleanser, moisturiser and acne treatment on my face that anyone possibly could. All of these products were full of awful ingredients like alcohol, perfume, dyes, SLS , etc etc. (I think its the alcohol that's done the most damage). I did all this for 8 years. Every day. All day. And now I'm stuck with a face that close
  6. Yeah I get 4-5 spots, mostly on my chin - not central, they pop up more on the sides. They feel hard to the touch and these are the ones that get really painful ! like a dull ache and sharp when they're touched. Luckily they don't tend to scar like whiteheads do but they do take weeks to go off, by the time they've reduced in size.. it's my period again and yet more of them harass my damn chin. I find that taking 20mg of zinc per day is helping a bit.
  7. Bio Oil was SO bad on my skin. I don't mean it gave it acne, I mean it gave me contact dermatitis after about 5 months of use because of the amount of perfume they put in it. It's loaded with strong perfume and that's bad for everything. when I think back, I can't believe I put that crap on my face.
  8. Firstly, you have a beautiful face regardless of your acne. dairy could be a factor because it contains a huge amount of hormones which then get pumped around our already hormonal body, so it's just hormones piled on top of hormones. + cow hormones are strong because obviously it's needed to make baby cows grow up big and fast. So do try cutting it out or reduce it. Almond milk is always an alternative. Or soya, which tastes a lot nicer than almond, but I've read that it can trigger acne in
  9. Yep, oil is absolutely the best method at removing makeup. You don't have to do the whole OCM with a hot cloth. All you need to do is apply the oil neat on your face (works better when skin is dry, not wet), rub gently, and then remove with your normal face wash one or even two times, just to make sure all oil and makeup is removed. Jojoba oil is good. or rice bran oil. They are both light and can be easily removed with cleanser. I find pure coconut oil on its own seems to stick onto the
  10. Yes I do this too a few times a week. But without using any kind of cloth. I have eczema and extremely reactive/hypersensitive skin, so using a hot cloth and then rubbing my face with it, would flare everything up. So I use the oil, rub very lightly in small circular movements, and then rinse it off completely with an organic rose cleanser. My face looks a bit irritated afterwards, but that's because of how sensitive my face is and because of the rubbing. Nothing to do with the oil. I do
  11. Sounds like a weird question, but I suffer from bad eczema all over my cheeks so they're always bone dry and ruddy looking. So I was wondering, because of that, will a cream made from organic jojoba oil and candelilla wax clog my pores ? The balm I use is thick and heavy (has a consistency like butter) but the two ingredients score very low on the 'comedeogenic scale'. practically zero. but it really doesn't rub in well though, it kinda stays on the surface. My pores are also very large
  12. I'm totally with you here Midnight ! I have the exact same problem. I seem to react to everything and I can't explain how frustrating it is . My skin goes really blotchy and itchy after using tap water. So I have to put money aside to buy mineral water to wash it with. I use Volvic because of its pH level. I would recommend giving bottled water a try because I think were reacting to the chlorine or other chemical in tap water. Only trouble is, obviously its inconvenient and costs a lot of money
  13. http://moogoo.com.au/ is a really good Aussie skincare company. They do natural cleansers/moisturisers etc for all different skin conditions.
  14. I'm in the UK (I don't know if you are too) but the ones I like are: This is my fave company ... http://www.handmadenaturals.co.uk/shop/shop.php?c1=FACE%20CARE&c2=CLEANSERS%20AND%20TONERS Their rose cleanser is the BEST. I don't use their moisturisers because I'm using something else. but I think they'd be good for you. http://www.100percentpure.co.uk/Default.asp is also good. expensive though. There's a healing balm on there that my mom used when she had bad sun burn and it tota
  15. I think something natural or organic would help you. Especially something with rose in because it's very calming for redness. I'm really against using synthetic chemical skincare, especially moisturisers because those are the ones that sink in and really get into our skin and tissue, so any harmful chemical like Benzoyl Alcohol , all the parabens and Disodium EDTA (I'm just listing a few of the ingredients that are in one of the moisturisers you mentioned), they all get absorbed really deep int