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  1. Hello Everyone, I have come a long way in my journey from horrible acne and breakouts everyday to beautiful clear skin. The dermatologist couldn't even find a solution to my breakouts and pimples. They only made it worse and I spent over $600 on there products. Anyone who says that they cant stop there skin from getting horrible pimples everyday and cant stop there horrible breakouts. I want to you to challenge me! I will show you how to use Dans products to there maximum effectiveness
  2. Your back acne is borderline between mild and moderate. You can get rid of all those active pimples in 2 weeks. And the red marks if your using 6 pumps of dans benzoyl peroxide day and night it will go in about a month or less. First try 2 pumps if you breakout try 3 and so forth till you find your number. For my back it takes 6 pumps of benzoyl peroxide day and night to stop all breakouts on the spot. Acne is a science remember that! Now I use aspirem benzoyl peroxide on my back so I save hund
  3. You made a good decision to stop the AHA. Dans benzoyl peroxide works to get rid of red marks it takes about a month and up to get rid of them all. But don't focus on the red marks. Its better to have zero acive pimples and red marks then to have active pimples. As long as your not breaking out clearskin is coming soon. I didn't even notice my red marks go away that's how quickly they went away for me. I used to have like hundreds all over my back.
  4. Congrats. I also was a follower of the Community since I was a teen but never joined the forum.
  5. I want you guys to drink Doles pineapple juice right after cumming. Then post if you got breakouts the next day. I tested this and I no longer have to worry wether I will get breakouts from cumming. It also works with sex too. I also know a method to stop masturbating that works 100%. If you masturbate everyday cut it down to 6 days a week. Then the next week 5 days a week. Then 4 and 3 and so on till you start going weeks without doing it. Not only will this make the activity more enjoya
  6. Instead of using jojoba oil by itself. Use 2 pumps of cetaphil moisturizing lotion mixed with 30 drops of jojoba oil day and night. Make sure you are using Dans jojoba oil. It's the only jojoba oil that doesn't cause me breakouts. Nowfoods jojoba oil breaks me out. Stop the aquaphor for now till you see if this works. For me personally and most people I know there skin adjusts after doing this for 3 days. Make sure the breakouts don't persist on the 3 days you test this method. For your lips try
  7. Just use benzoyl peroxide. I use to have red marks all over my back like hundreds of small red marks. I used benzoyl peroxide for a month and they quickly diminished. Just make sure you don't get breakouts from the bp you choose to use.
  8. Good Luck! And stop popping your zits. Lol
  9. Diet does play a role for some people. Some people eat chocolate and wake up with small zits. Some eat chocolate and don't get zits. Breakouts happen in patterns.
  10. Acne only exist till you find a solution. It might take you 1 day to find it or it might takes years. It took me 3 years to find what worked for me. Till then I sufferend from pimples everyday, having to go to school with zits all over my face. But now that I've found what works al that pain and suffering is a small memory. It feels like it wasn't even me that had acne. Don't stop spending money on different products. I spent over $600 at the dermatologist and none of there stuffed worked. B
  11. That's pretty much on point. Anyone new to acne should read!
  12. AHA is made just for this. Give it a try. It will take at least a month till there bearly noticeable. I used to have a lot of red marks all over my back and within a month of using benzoyl peroxide they disappeared.
  13. When I mix jojoba oil and benzoyl peroxide I breakout. If I put jojoba oil on my skin and then benzoyl peroxide I breakout.
  14. If its working then keep doing it if it not try something new.
  15. You've hit the dry brink. You can do two things use cetaphil moisturizer lotion for day and night till you feel its better, or use aquaphor over the weekend the whole day. Your face will be like a newborns baby butt.