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  1. Well, the flush didn't really help my cystic acne. It's actually worse, but it could be from the testosterone boosting herbs i was taking for my workouts. So, I'm cutting way back on that stuff. Side note: since the flush, i also switched to organic meats, eggs, and butter and cut out milk entirely. Still got bad cystic acne. I bet it's the andro herbs. It got really bad, so I took a bunch of liver cleansing herbs to help clean-up whatever is causing all this. Man, what a pain. Oh, and
  2. Denise, thanks for the link to the pics and all the info. I guess I missed those pics on curezone. It was the green lumpy ones that I was looking for. So, I guess I'm a believer now. And the extreme waxiness of them really got my attention. No wonder having this stuff lining your artery walls is so bad. Regular soap doesn't even dissolve them... tough stuff. You know what is interesting about looking at all those pics, as well as the others on curezone, is that I noticed that all the pics
  3. Well, it wasn't that bad. The Epsom salt potion wasn't so bad since I coated my mouth with a small drop of pancake syrup beforehand and then chased it with water. I did cheat a little and only drank 1/2 cup each time instead of 3/4. I did the Hulda Clark flush and added 5 days of apple juice AND malic acid. Also, I used lemon juice instead of grapefruit. I woke up around 2am, not really naseated, just a little woosy and ansy; nothing major at all. I passed about 25-30 small stones exactly
  4. ^^^ Did you do a parasite or kidney cleanse?
  5. Here's a crazy thing I just remembered. I had this friend who was dating this girl who was having ALL of her pubic hairs electrodilipidated (sp?). You know, like they do with eyebrows... stick a needle in the hair follicle and zap it with electricity and then pull the hair out with tweezers. Supposedly, you have to go back for several sessions to permanently kill the hair follicle. Now c'mon, to do that to your pubes is just plain masochistic. And yeah, she's was a nutt case. And speaking
  6. About the "worst fat" in milk... the reference could have been simply referring to it being the saturated fat kind... sorry for being ambiguous for no good reason. But, yes, I don't worry too much about saturated animal fats in my diet. I know it's ok and even benefetial to have some in our diets... that's why god gave us a gall bladder! But, transfats, yes, those are the worst, completely unnatural... and hydrogenated oils. From what I've been reading lately, cholesterole is produced by the
  7. Ya, I just went for it... John Wayne style! And followed by a shot of Wild Turkey... j/k. No, I once did the bowel and parasite cleanse, that was about 2-3 years ago. Should I do one again? I was miserable then... the nausea and drinking saltwater and bentonite shakes... oh the humanity!
  8. Well, no stones... <sigh> But, I've been reading a lot on curezone about liver flushing, and it seems as though the epsome salts aren't really needed. Well, one writer says they aren't. But, other areas of the site imply that it's needed, or helpful because of two things. 1.) when you flush the stones and bile out, you want to get that stuff out of your system as soon as possible since they contain toxins and if the toxins get into your bloodstream, you will feel nauseated. So, to hav
  9. I don't think it matter how "concentrated" cheese is. The article says that certain cheeses don't have the hormones in them becuase of their processing. It said everything but the cream cheese and cottage cheese was ok. Organic is prolly better since it comes from cows that aren't injected with steroids, but still, I believe it has other natural hormones, but natural for a calf, not a human. It's taylor made for another baby animal. And, now that they are saying that milk isn't that great t
  10. http://www.brushnewstribune.com/Stories/0,...2753600,00.html
  11. Oh goody! I haven't been this excited since last Christmas Eve!