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  1. I'd like to chip in by saying it really depends on your skin. What the OP has said pertains to his own skin, and his own regimen is tailored to his skin. What works for him may not work for you, and This isn't the case for me and like others who have posted, daily exfoliation is a must for me... it finally stopped my acne when I took the advice of "exfoliating once a week because it was too harsh", and that really killed me. Dang, I have joined this site for a while now... haven't been here f
  2. Same. Got asian skin, it's definitely hell to get rid of these. Been scrubbing away for 2 years and only very gradual results have come up so far.
  3. Really? My derm said Retin-A Micro makes it worse. Guess your derm didn't inform you correctly. My 2 cents would be just to stop using it and look for another solution. It helps with acne, but won't do anything for marks for the time being.
  4. From personal experience, if you use St. Ives' scrubs, do so gently and don't try to rip your face off with the microscrubbers. Roll them over your face very gently. Otherwise, just use a hot face towel and wipe your face. It does the same thing, no irritants, just pure exfoliation.
  5. i haven't been on these forums for a while... but seeing your pictures, you have like.. the exact same skin type as me, haha. as a bonus i'm asian as well. but mine is a lot more red than urs under the flash... as in skin tone compared to the rest of the body... consider yourself lucky. and by the way, i would go against any recommendations to try chemicals onto your face. if it ain't broke, dont fix it. just give it time and exfoliation and youll be happy you listened to me. im speaking from
  6. I will have to agree on your comment... with a bit of physical exfoliation and time, it is the only solution to ridding the hyperpigmentation left. I'm speaking with experience, and still living the hell...
  7. There was a method here called jessfoliation here a while ago... I do not know what happened to the thread, or why it was deleted, as I had it bookmarked for almost a year. I discovered that method exactly 1 year ago (as you see I'm a long time member) and it really helped and I haven't frequented the forums for a while. Well.. the method is basically using those facial brushes and giving your face a nice scrub with non-irritating soap.. but I sort of made an adaptation to it. I would just use
  8. I'm guessing this would be like aloe vera... it only helps to fade, but not get rid of them? Damn.
  9. I recommend looking at the Jessfoliation post floating around somewhere on the boards. I use a towel instead of a brush though. I find it more effective.
  10. Spectro Jel was the worst choice in my life ever... if I hadn't gone on it, my face would probably be a lot better. I got so many zits on it, since it wasnt cleaning my skin well enough. Depends what your skin is comfortable with.. if your current cleanser, cetaphil is working for you, STICK WITH IT. From my experience, I don't recommend trying other products to "attempt" to solve other problems (ie. red marks). You also have to understand the nature of why the red marks are there. Exfol
  11. Red marks are post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation.
  12. I started this regimen this summer, and it somewhat works if you follow most of the program. I didn't follow exactlye everything, but as far as supplements go, I've narrowed it down to: Saw Palmetto Vitamin E Omega 3,6,9 essential EFA's These are the things that will keep you clear. I discovered that my acne was hormonal, but it was too late by then. My face is completely covered in red marks that won't dissapear. Skin tone has somewhat "mutated"... it really sucks. I don't know what I can
  13. I agree. A EFA Biocomplex consisting of Omega3,6,9 fatty acids (or oils) really help out with the skin. It is the only thing that worked for me in conjunction with saw palmetto. (since I believe my acne is hormonal.)
  14. Don't know, I was about to get it, but stayed away from it from possible side effects which I dont know about.