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  1. Ok so one day I woke up and I had a small bump on the bridge of my nose so I figured it would be gone in a day so I jus wore my hat real low for that day... Few days go by and the bump is pretty much not noticable to anybody but me (of course b/c I know its there). Anyways its been about 2 weeks now and there's not a bump there any longer however it is like a small dot (about 2mm) with a purplish hue....not sure why but its like my skin doesn't like to heal or the swelling doesn't like to go aw
  2. Hmm, yea I don't really like using any kind of topical medicine b/c my skin is soooo sensitive that anytime I get bit by a bug or something like that the area is red for about 30min to an hr. after... I was thinking maybe I need to take a certain vitamin (A maybe?) not sure tho....
  3. I have a little problem with inflammation... It seems that my skin doesn't like to heal and after I have a fairly good sized pimple go away it leaves its mark behind which is usually in the form of a red dot that remains for weeks. Right now I currently have about 4 spots that just don't seem to fade... Anybody know what I could do to maybe speed up healing of my skin or get rid of the inflammation faster? Thanks in advance
  4. thanks for the reply, I do think you are right. in the past few days I have been using moisturizer & my face is looking better day by day and feels great too! maybe ill jus stick with the lotion for now & see wats up. thanks
  5. anybody got any thing else to add about Dove? I might end up trying it again afterall b/c my face gets so dry from washing......plz help any opinions will do
  6. awesome thanks for the add of inspiration about the Dove soap. Yea Zest is just "regular" old body soap you buy at the store, similar to Coast, Dial, and other normal soaps. Dove looks to be gentle and moisturizing at that and I have tried it before but I didn't stick with it. I remember about a year ago I used Coast Max w/Aloe (contains Triclocarban) and my face was steadily clear day by day. Nowadays using Zest & Dove off & on my face is hardly steady & I get new breakouts abou
  7. well both b/c my face has never been oily but it is lacking moisture now
  8. I have used a moisturizer for the past 2 years but I recently decided to stop using my moisturizer (Curel) and letting my face heal its dryness on its own if that is even possible. We will see, its been 3 days now with no moisturizer & face feels dry as hell but I used to not use lotion so we'll see......
  9. Well today I went to work and my face was REALLY dry so I told my dad & he's like: "what kind of soap do you use?" and I replied, "Zest". He said "eww I used to use that but it was too drying so I started using Dove, I think you should use Dove for a little while & your face will be less dry." So....I'll be starting to use that tonight after I get home from work to see how it feels since it has 1/4 moisturizer in every bar or w/e. We'll see.
  10. I understand, but I recently stopped using BP and all other "acne fighting" products on my face. Nowadays I just use plain old soap & my face seems to be as good as it was when using products like Clean & Clear, Neutrogena, Nature's Cure, Clearasil, BP products, SA products, etc.
  11. Ok well I've come to the point in my "studies" where I have found that all the people I know that don't suffer from any acne at all (like I used to a few years back) have some things in common. We will name these ppl and their regimen: Ray- Washes face in the AM with soap everyday. No moisturizer, no aftershave when shaving. Jake- Washes face in the AM with soap everyday. No moisturizer, no aftershave when shaving. Scott- Washes face in the AM & PM with soap everyday. Moisturizes wh
  12. Ok, got a question.... Which is better to use? Curel Original Lotion, Cetaphil Moisturizing Lotion or no lotion on the face at all. Both Curel & Cetaphil claim to be non-comm but that could be false advertising. I have used Curel for about a year with minimal acne problems but recently they changed the ingredients to have Shea Butter in it and I don't know what to think about that. Also Cetaphil contains Macadamia Nut Oil which also scares me, so I can't decide which to use or if I shoul
  13. Yea I started taking it again, I started using it a year ago and had good results but I stopped using it after about 6 months of using it b/c I felt I didn't need it anymore buttt I am movin home to live with my friends and my face isnt lookin good right now so I started using it again about a week or 2 ago & so far I can't tell if its working.... I don't know if you build up an immunity to the ingredients but I actually stopped using it b/c I felt that I did build up immunity & my body
  14. I only use Curel b/c it says its non-comedogenic or w/e and it has Shea Butter which is suppose to help with redmarks...that i dont know. Anyways I went to the store today & got the Cetaphil lotion pump bottle kinda & im gonna try that out.
  15. Yea that is why I asked, most moisturizers that are good to use on your face usually say something like: "non-commegenic" or "gentle enough to use on your face" like Curel Original Lotion (which I currently use)... jus wonderin, ty for reply