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  1. Hey I am also thinking of undertaking some kind of treatment, have you gone to see Dr Patel in Viva-clinic ? Let us know how it goes!!
  2. hi did you go to see him in the end? I am in London at the moment and was planning to book a consultation with him. Its no longer cheap, its like £195!!!
  3. come on, anyone also is based in the UK or Scotland in this forum pls helpppp!!
  4. Hi people who also trying to improve their rolling scars~~ Pls HELP me! I am based in Glasgow, UK. But I am originally from China. I am 28 years old this year. I have quite severe rolling scars on both of my cheeks, especially my right cheek, and I still have zips (crysts) from time to time, in particular during cold and harsh weathers like now, I have been on birth control pill for over a month now, so I have stopped getting big painful spots as I used to, I have some small spots occasiona
  5. Hi Robert, I have rolling scar mainly on my cheeks and I used cp X 2 twice on my cheeks and everyday SuperCop serum and Lacsal on my face in the am and pm. My skin is now has red scabs on / around the scar areas where I applied a thin layer of CP x2. I backed off from cp X 2 for 3-4 days and now I can see some fresh new pinky skin grow around the skin area ( as someone said here- the uneven surface seems to become more even). I can still see the scars as they in pink colour. I am quite fair sk
  6. My question is, can papules/pustules, if not popped, cause scarring? I mean i have some scars on my face, but i am not sure how i got them. How long do these papules/pustules need to stay inflamed on your face to typically cause scarring? I have the same question here, anyone has any ideas on this?? thanxx!!
  7. hi, you might be right... but I have been using simple approach to treat my acne in the past 2 years and I did continuously getting bad break-out on weekly basis... now I have been taking a more rigorous approach to it by incorporating many well-researched products and they seem to keep my break-out at bay at least. I now have ONE inflamed spot and some acne scars to deal with, instead of waking up with 2 or 3 big spots every week...
  8. Hello?? can you pls give a update on that?? how is the lamp treating your acne scars by the way?? thank you!
  9. Hi, the website www.dermalux.co.uk no longer work.... I am based in the U.K. too, this product seems quite old now and have not been talked about much since.. I wonder if it works on acne scars?? as I do not have major break-out any more.. only scars to deal with. Thanxxx
  10. your scars look like the ones I got on my cheeks... my right side is worse than left side for some reason... whats the treatment you are taking now?? any progress ??
  11. I just started taking the tablet ( 6 x 6000mg) a day since 2 days ago... lets see how it goes.. figure crossed!
  12. my god... it sounds like a LOT of work... i am not sure the results that I saw really worth all those effects... did you try take any vitamines ?or change your diet ? and exercise more often... I start to think that maybe a holistic approach would be more helpful : like changing the way you think, change your diet... well... I am on the same path as well.. but I do not think I can ever go through what you have gone through tho...
  13. anyone else wants to chip in to comment on the scars?? Thank you guys!!
  14. Hi Austra Thank you so much!! I found a hydrocolloid bandage (something left from my mum's operating last year) I put one covering my spot. I will leave it alone for the rest of the day. The green paste you saw was copper peptide serum ... I heart it supposed to accelerate healing...
  15. inflamed spot.bmpScar1.bmpscar2.bmp Hi, I urgently need some help! I have got this inflamed open pimple since last Friday - I squeezed it on Sunday since it was popping whitehead and it was very painful and swelling. The other 2 pictures are my sides of face. I suspect I got rolling scars...left since 3 years ago after a series of bad break out and I have always been acne prone skin since grew up so I did not do anything to address the spots and scars. Now I am in my late 20th, and I se