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  1. I am on a cocktail of Glucophage (500 mg, 3x's a day), Spironolactane (100mg), and Yasmin (28 day). It works like a charm. I cleared up about 2 weeks into it and have stayed clear for 6 mos.
  2. All I can find at the store is whole wheat, and since it is not supposed to be good for acne and gluten is supposed to be irritating, what should I get? All the rye bread has wheat in it anyway. And some of these whole wheat breads even have HIGH FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP! WTF? Don't say Ezekiel bread. That stuff sucks. Any suggestions? Should I just give up on bread? Make my own (like I have time )???
  3. I have not had a single breakout since I started my regimen of glucophage, spironolactance, and yasmin. It is awesome. It is so liberating after all these years to feel like a normal person. However, I am investigating a healthier lifestyle and alternatives to my pill cocktail. But so far so good! That's my skin in my avatar, no makeup (as in foundation), just light powder for shine control. :D
  4. Ok, I had said somewhere in someone's post that it was either iodine or iodide that was bad for you, the other good. So I looked it up, if anyone is interested. Here is what it boils down to- Iodine = Good Iodide = Bad Refined Salt = Bad Unprocessed Sea Salt = Good Here are a couple of links I dug up- http://www.shirleys-wellness-cafe.com/salt.htm http://www.vrp.com/art/1835.asp?c=11393342...mp;p=no&s=0 Has anyone ever tried the Solay detoxifying? I would be interested in knowing. Hop
  5. There is a difference between iodine and iodide. One is man-made and bad for you. The other is good for you and natural. I can't remember which is which. But that is why natural sea salt is recommended over table salt. In any event, do I have to buy fish oil in a pill? I don't like to eat fish, whether it has mercury or not. But I could deal with the oil. Is pill form the only way to ingest or do they make fish oil to cook with?
  6. Just a few more of my 2 cents on this anger thing. As I said, if you pick up a book by Louis L. Hayes, she will tell you that inflammation and acne are caused by anger. With that being said, I am adding a couple of excerpts here by Deepak Chopra from his book, "The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success". "Whether you like it or not, everything that is happening at this moment is a result of the choices you have made in the past. Unfortunately, a lot of us make choices unconsciously, and therefore we
  7. That tests are to see if you've got it, but they won't tell you what you need to do to STOP it! That's where those other tests come in listed here:http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php?showtopic=101692 (toward bottom) Of course for some it may be permanent avoidance of triggers and for others it may go away once you heal your intestinal hyperpermeability (there's lots of things we can do to damage this along the way). If you want more information (not certain if I did a book review
  8. I have browsed this board for years. Long since before I even actually logged in to become a member. I have always lurked. I have found lots of great info on these boards, even though sometimes you have to sift through trash to find treasure. But I have learned more here about my skin than cosmetology school taught me in order to recieve my esthetics license. With that said, I have noticed a lot of negativity here lately. If you have ever picked up a book by Louise L. Hayes, she believes that
  9. Thanks Stu! To be honest, I never read it before because it said "acne diet" in the title and I figured it was just another thing telling us about fried food and chocolate. I am going to read it through.
  10. Yes, I do, plus spironolactane. I still take it daily. I think all the meds are giving me nausea, and digestion issues. I am trying to find a natural way to get the same/similar results.
  11. Sweet Jade had mentioned it in one of her post regarding insulin resistance. I looked it up because it sounded like something very familiar happening to my body. Here is a link I found - http://www.marthastewart.com/page.jhtml?ty...=channel2550009 I thought it was somewhat informative. Does anyone know how we can find out what is causing inflammation in our bodies?
  12. Sure, here's a little about me first- I am 29 and have had acne since I was probably about 12. And I mean bad, ugly, cystic acne. Not the occasional pimple. I have tried everything under the sun and spent tons of money - accutane, microderm, retina, homemade masks, expensive products, etc, etc, etc,...I am even a licensed esthetician, with acne!!! One day I went to see a Dr. here in Houston who does cortisone shots to reduce acne cysts. It works beautifully by the way, but is only good if you ne
  13. I am not sure whether I believe the liver cleanse is beneficial or not, even though I tried it last night. But I do think your Mom is exaggerating about rushing you to the hospital. If you think you are backed up, you should start with PB shakes anyway, as a liver cleanse is not going to work if your colon and intestines are backed up. PB shakes are just a combo of psyllium and bentonite clay. You can search on them. It's really just a bunch of fiber. I would try that first and lots of water. Yo
  14. quote]Blondie...as you flush, really watch your medications. If you are curing your "hormonal imbalance" through flushing, your meds can actually begin to harm you at some point. I have read about this happening to people, so be careful.