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Really works!
I use Epiduo (Tactuo in Canada) alongside with Diane 35 to help control my hormonal acne. With the pill alone, I still manage to get a couple of pimples a month, especially before my period. Epiduo helps get rid of existing spots as well as preventing any new ones. Every night I use one pump of the stuff for my entire face and I never need any more. I did get a bit of an initial breakout but it wasn't bad. What I didn't anticipate was how red my skin would get. I think after 2-3 weeks the rednes

By dunedain,

Worth a try!
Clear and soft skin Bigger boobs Less mood swings/cramps during period Takes a long time to work Some hair loss Acne might come back if you stop taking it I didn't get a terrible initial break out, but it took a WHILE to work. The first 4 months were always a tease! I'd be clear for a week and I'd get really excited, and then I'd break out right before my period and it was always SO bad, worse than when I hadn't started the pill. After that, it would clear up and my skin would feel so nice and s

By dunedain,

Good but doesn't really prevent breakouts
Gets rid of active pimples almost overnight Doesn't dry your skin out Doesn't seem to prevent future breakouts Antibiotic resistance? I have moderate acne and have been prescribed clindoxyl twice - once when I was 16 and once recently. It worked a lot better when I was younger, but it still works now. It gets rid of big whiteheads really quickly, or at least shrinks them significantly overnight, and it has helped improve the overall quality of my skin. It isn't drying as long as you moisturise s

By dunedain,