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  1. I think your skin might be having a hard time adjusting because you went from no birth control, to 2 months straight of birth control without the 7 day gap, back to no birth control, so your hormones are probably still trying to figure out what's happening. I'm not sure if skipping your period brought on the cystic acne, because when I first went on my pill, I would skip the 7 days and it would be fine. But it might just be that the one you're taking isn't right for you. Not sure how much wors
  2. I was only on Bactrim for about a week before I had a small allergic reaction, and it was for a recurring UTI. But at that point, my birth control and topicals had more or less resolved any acne I had. I've heard Bactrim is one of the strongest antibiotics for acne, but I think a lot of people are allergic to the sulfa :/
  3. Gianvi maybe? I've heard some good things about it, but I don't personally know anyone who's tried it.
  4. I used to use 5% BP regularly! While it didn't get rid of my acne, it was way better than Dan's 2.5% stuff. In fact I found that his dried my skin out faster, but that may just have been a different ingredient in Dan's.
  5. When I first started using AHA I mixed half and half with my moisturiser and used it every other day the first week, before slowly upping the dosage. In the first week it seemed okay, but by the second week there was definitely an initial break out that wasn't very pretty. I'd also add, however, I can't even use jojoba oil because it seems to break me out and also make my skin seem more yellow, so maybe we have completely different skin types. I tend to purge with any new product though. Hopef
  6. Really works!

    I use Epiduo (Tactuo in Canada) alongside with Diane 35 to help control my hormonal acne. With the pill alone, I still manage to get a couple of pimples a month, especially before my period. Epiduo helps get rid of existing spots as well as preventing any new ones. Every night I use one pump of the stuff for my entire face and I never need any more. I did get a bit of an initial breakout but it wasn't bad. What I didn't anticipate was how red my skin would get. I think after 2-3 weeks the rednes
  7. I took Plan B once and my acne definitely got worse for the next half a year. I wasn't on the pill then, so I let Plan B "run its course" and while it stopped getting worse after a while, it just kind of stayed bad for almost up to a year. By the end of that year I started taking the pill (Diane) which took about half a year to fully clear up my skin. I'd say your hormones are definitely out of sync but I feel like if you took out your bar your would confuse your hormones again which might cause
  8. I am also Asian and have used 40% lactic acid for a few months and I don't think I ever noticed any darkening of the marks. For the first couple of days after the peel, my skin seemed more red and maybe the marks also looked more reddish? But about a week after it lightens up, it never stays dark. I also never did any additional exfoliating as the lactic acid on its own was enough. If you're not happy with lactic acid, you can try 25% mandelic acid which is what I'm using now. I personally fin
  9. How long was your initial breakout on Diane? Probably for about 4 months. 4 months until you were completely clear? Or 4 months to just stop the bad breakouts? When did you see the slightest improvement Um, it would steadily decrease in severity over the course of 4 months. I saw improvement with each successive breakout because my skin would look better but then in a week or two there would be another breakout. It took me 6 months to see consistent clear skin.
  10. Are you moisturising enough? Sounds to me you might be over exfoliating.
  11. And by that I mean has anyone ever gone on antibiotics and had their skin stay clear after they went off of it? It seems like all I'm reading are people who are clear while they're still on antibiotics, or those who say it comes right back after they stop taking antibiotics? A question for people with moderate-severe acne btw.
  12. Alesse is fairly androgenic and Yasmin is considered high in estrogen so maybe the difference could be making it hard for your body to adjust? I was on Alesse for 2 months and it gave me terrible pizza face, so I switched to DIane (also high in estrogen) and it took my skin a while to settle down. Still nothing as awful as on Alesse lol. If it feels like it's really getting out of hand then maybe it's not the right pill for you but I say stick it out.
  13. This sounds very promising so can't wait to give it a go. Thank you. Im so impatient and just want it sorting but I will take your advice and jump in with a low percentage one. Any recommendations on brands of peels? and I have an oil free moisturiser on hand Haha I know what you mean, but if your skin seems really tolerant you can always up the % afterwards. At least then you won't risk damaging your skin. I order from Makeup Artists Choice. It's a little pricey for the tiny bottles, but you
  14. I use the 40% lactic acid peel, which is the one people recommend to start off with because it's not too strong. For me, I've definitely noticed a big improvement with my PIH. At first it didn't seem like anything happened, but when I took pictures and actually compared side by side I didn't realise what a difference it made! I don't know how tough your skin is but I'd still say start off slow. If you go up too fast you might do some real damage. I also did get an initial break out, but not