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  1. ColoradoSky55

    8 Months On Accutane... And 8 Break-Outs?

    Hi ally*ford! I have been off Accutane for six months now. Wow, crazy. Time flies haha I finished my eight months and that was all that the dermatologist would allow my body to take. I was at my maximum dosage. And after those 8 months, my skin was not happy. I had been on a very powerful drug and all the sudden was taken off of it. That's hard on your body. So, until November my skin still had large pimples which was very disheartening. I ended up seeing my dermo at the end of November and she started me on solodyn and spirono. (I did not want to have to go on more drugs, but, what was I supposed to do?) I was also prescribed a tretinoin gel. My skin has been MUCH better. I only get small little pimples every now and then and they usually go away in 3 days. I'm still struggling with accepting myself and my skin. It's really hard to describe what it's like to have great skin, then acne that disrupts your life and your mind, then Accutane, then have clear skin (for the most part haha) again. It's psychologically really draining. I don't ever know if I'll ever wake up and be at peace with myself, clear skin or not. But, I REALLY REALLY REALLY HOPE FOR YOU THAT YOU FIND PEACE. Your life will be so much happier and so much more carefree. So, to answer your question haha my skin is much better! Hang in there. I know it's rough. And message me whenever you need to! I'll be here to answer any questions you have or give you support You're a champ and things always get better. I promise
  2. ColoradoSky55

    Accutane Ahahaha

    I have no idea what's up with my title. Seriously. No clue. I've been off Accutane for a month and a half now. And okay... my skin is smooth and I break out around my period, but I think I'm that 20% that needs a second course; I am never without acne. There is always something I have to cover. Can I hear from anyone else's experience going on Accutane a second time? All the best to you all.
  3. ColoradoSky55

    Self-Compassion-- Managing Acne On The Daily

    This is beautiful. Thank you
  4. ColoradoSky55

    8 Months On Accutane... And 8 Break-Outs?

    Thanks for the support. Truly it means the world to me. The thing is... I feel like I have NO CONTROL. I just wish I could figure out what it is that makes me breakout. My acne is so persistant. I just don't understand. I guess that's probably more frustrating then the actual acne... it's feeling like you can't change it. If you don't like your hair color... you can dye it. If you don't like your weight... you have control to change that. If you have acne... it's a guessing game. That's what's so hard. Thanks again for the kind words
  5. Has anyone... ANYONE been breaking out after 8 months of Accutane? That just seems crazy to me. I currently have... six... I would say... inflamed red spots on my face, which is super weird because last week there was NOTHING. I do not get it. And I'm so tired of obsessing over it. But, I literally don't know how to stop until the acne stops. I refuse to be that 1/1,000,000 statistic where Accutane does not work for that individual. I'll go on Accutane for three courses if that's what it takes. And the thing is... I would be totally, TOTALLY fine if I just had small break-outs every now and then. Every two weeks you have a few. THAT'S FINE. I would understand and be like "You know what, I forgive you, body, I forgive you for these pimples." But, right now. I can't forgive my body. Because I don't know what to do. I am on the most powerful acne drug available... and my face is not how it should be. Any motivation or encouragement would be GREAT. Also, I'd love to hear from someone who has gone through two courses of Accutane. Because I think that's what I will need. Much love, Me
  6. ColoradoSky55

    Acne Gets Worst In Hot Weather

    OH MY GOD!!!!!!! This just happened to me. I moved from Colorado to Kansas and HOLY HELL my skin went haywire because of the humidity. It's a lot better now but I almost had an allergic reaction to the new environment. Glad I'm not the only one this happens to haha
  7. ColoradoSky55

    Because Life Isn't Fair

    Hey girly! You're so lucky you are all clear! My skin just started to FREAK out trying a new cleanser for the "Acne No More". So I'm going back to what I know... Biore Cleanser Dermadoctor spot treatment The rest of my Accutane And fish oil supplements I'm scheduling an appointment with my dermo soon to talk about the breakouts. I also want to do some chemical peels. Is this process EVER going to END??? Much love! Tim714-- I pray to God you are right haha thank you for your words
  8. ColoradoSky55

    Because Life Isn't Fair

    I don't know. I don't know what happened. My face was so clear. Now, I have five zits that really are bothering me. I don't get it. Accutane was supposed to rid me of this disease. And I'm nearing the last week of treatment and my skin hasn't looked this tragic since April. I don't know. I want to be done with this drug. I truly do. It's not good for me to have this harmful Accutane in my body for seven months. It disrupts my system. Humans aren't meant to take these kind of harsh treatments. But, we do. Because we'll do anything. I came across a holistic website the other day called "Acne No More." And I'm going to give it a shot. It explains the importance of vitamins, natural ingredients, detoxing, and pure skincare products. I think this is what I need. I need to take control over me... over what food I eat that determines my acne... over what face wash I use that strips my skin... The author of "Acne No More" states that it might be helpful to start a list of all the reasons why clear skin is important and why we want it so badly... 1. To put on make-up to actually enhance features and not cover them up. 2. To take pictures in bright light 3. To look in mirrors in bright light 4. To have a boy touch your cheek and not be worried about them running their hand over a zit 5. To not wear make-up while swimming 6. To live freely 7. To feel beautiful I could go on and on. I don't know. I'm out of words now.
  9. ColoradoSky55

    Beginning Accutane Finally!

    Heyyyyyyyyy. Yes, I have some tips. Always have Aquaphor. Always. I mean. ALWAYS. Prepare yourself for an initial breakout and don't blame your skin for it happening. Trust me, if you forgive and understand what's happening to your skin, it makes this portion of the Accutane treatment much easier to deal with. Use Cetaphil Cream in the jar. And I love Biore Combination Skin Balancing Cleanser. Andddddd it just takes time. And have faith. xoxo
  10. ColoradoSky55

    Lucky Number 7

    It's funny. Well, maybe not funny. But, not what I expected. My dermatologist thought that I would be done with Accutane by month 4. And guess what? I just filled a prescription for month 7. It's so weird how nothing is how you expect it to be with this medicine. I'm so thankful for Accutane, though. Truly I am. I would rather stay on it forever and have the dried lips, the constant blood tests, the pregnancy tests, and the side effects... then ever have to deal with insecurities through acne. I really feel blessed. Even though I am still experiencing MINOR, MINOR breakouts... it's so much better then it was when I started. At the beginning, I never looked in a mirror. NEVER. Now, I put on mascara, take pictures with my friends, and just live. That's all we want. Is to live without the thought of ugliness tapping into the back of our minds. Accutane has given me that.
  11. ColoradoSky55

    Washing Face On Accutane..

    Hi I definitely would not sleep in your make-up at night. You need to clean your skin to help it heal and breathe. But, if you don't want to wash it with a cleanser... "Simple Cleansing Face Wipes" are AWESOME for getting rid of make-up. And they're all natural and just lovely! Hope that helps!
  12. ColoradoSky55

    Whaaaat! Breakouts?!

    Tim714- I sure hope you're right! I think you are. My face is already looking better!
  13. ColoradoSky55

    Whaaaat! Breakouts?!

    Hope2013- Hey! Accutane has really cleared up my acne. I had moderate acne. It really wasn't awful, just very persistent. I was never without some sort of acne bump on my face. But, I did have a significant initial breakout. However, I was prepared for that. It's all part of the process. Your body is working to rid your skin of the oil and excessive sebum and that's its way of doing it. I can promise you that it will be worth it. Currently, I have one very small breakout that I can cover with concealer and three small purple/light red marks. So, NOT BAD! And keep in mind... we are our own worst critic. So, my skin probably looks a lot better than I think. If you are thinking about Accutane... I would strongly recommend it. It helps to have a great dermatologist as well to help you through this and help you understand it. Mine has been fantastic. Her goal is to have me completely acne free for two weeks (NO LITTLE BUMP, NOTHING) before I will go off Accutane. My guess is that I will be on this medicine until month 8. Which is kind of a long time for a girl with moderate acne. But, hey, I don't mind! Good luck
  14. ColoradoSky55

    Whaaaat! Breakouts?!

    Heyo hey! Has anyone ever experienced some purging from switching Accutane brands or increasing the dosage?? I switched from 60 mg claravis to 80 mg Amnesteem. And have like five small breakouts and im in month six. Whaaaat! I'm hoping this is just a small reaction to the new medication. But mama Mia how long is totally clear skin gonna take? <3
  15. ColoradoSky55

    Hello Month 6

    So I was totally clear, right?? Haha I don't know if it's the 80 mg but I'm semi purging I guess. I have four little red dots on my face. I'm hoping they'll fade in a few days. But I have no idea what caused the breakout haha and yayyyy I'm so happy for you and your skin!!!(: