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  1. i dont think so. ive been wokring out for some time maybe a year or more
  2. hey has anyone all of sudden started to eat so much more than you usally do? ive been eating so much more than i usally do. i hope im gonna grow a couple of inches im 17 maybe it could be one. i hope im nbot gonnna get fat so im gonna do cardio with my workouts. any comments or suggestions?
  3. i think for me it does incease acne, when i was on vacation in puerto rico i drank alot everyday and my skin was so bad. befoer that i havent really drank. two days ago i drank and i had more acne. im not sure for all
  4. man that sucks idont know keep looking for what cures you
  5. i was reading and i came upon "If your skin is prone to goosebump sized acne (check the back of your upper arms), you have a Vitamin A, EFA, zinc deficiencies, and a very low metabolism. If you tend to feel cold, need lots of sleep and have a hard time waking up in the morning, you should get checked for hypothyroidism and anemia. Get plenty of Skin Food and take the thyroid self-test. " i still have acne on face bacne not as bad anymore but this totally fits me with sleep feeling cold ect. d
  6. actally a couple of weeks ago i would drink a half of gallon. before going to bed . my skin was really nice. then i stoped it got bad but im gonna try again i put lemon in the water too
  7. yeah i live in nj and i guess my face is use to it or the water is good. however i went to puerto rico for vacation and my face broke out
  8. i think im gonna go try but first i must get it
  9. hey where in jersey do u live , and where do you buy this product? how much thansk alot
  10. well i put half a lemon in half gallon. im sure thiers no exact amount you still want it to taste good but also have enough lemon to have an effect
  11. hey man i tried clinque 3 or 2 i forget the blue one. it really messed up my skin it made me break out so badly
  12. has anyone have royal jelly to treat thier acne? ive been eating it every day at night im not sure if my skin improved cuz i been eating it for a couple days. i read online. if anyone has been having royal jelly and have noticed impovement plz reply Usage Royal jelly is used for a wide spectrum of health benefits: 1. For energy, stamina and physical strength 2. To keep smooth, youthful skin and ward off skin aging 3. To stimulate and boost immune system, and fight bacterial and viral infecti
  13. actally i do sorta have it. my right side i have more htan my left. and on my arms i have some red bumps on the left arm and clear on the right. its werid its all good though
  14. swt me too my skin is sensitive to bp if i use it i usally get icepick scars i dunno if they heal though. i think sometimes they do. how much is natures cure btw at like wallgreens or cvs. thanks alot and has anyone have the same case as me and used natures cure ?
  15. btw does anyone just take the tablets and not use the spray or cream?