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  1. hey! So, I haven't been to this board in a while, but you know what, that's a good thing! I think I've had 6 Smoothbeam sessions now with Dr. Del Campo, and you know what, I can honestly say I've had a 90% improvement! Ok, some of that may be in my head... but you know what, that's all that matters. I hardly even think about my scars anymore, except when it's time to go in for a Smoothbeam visit (every 5 weeks or so). I love Smoothbeam, and I recommend it to everyone. It may not get
  2. I had Smoothbeam treatments while I was still on Accutane.... Smoothbeam is gentle enough not to scar your skin. The only bad thing is that you don't get results as good as you would if you were off the stuff.
  3. Smoothbeam treatments have really worked for me. I have Smoothbeam treatments every 5 weeks or so in my problem areas..... i think I have had 6 treatments already. I would say 90% improvement, but most importantly, psychologically, my scars don't bother me anymore. Once I saw like 60-75% improvement, I stopped worrying about them because I knew they would get better with time and more treatment. My confidence is higher than ever now, just like it used to be before my scars started forming.
  4. fromchicago! hey, I am getting treatments from Dr. Del Campo as well! I love the man, and I love his fantastic little machine! I am doing spot treatment with him, so he's giving me a reduced fare just to do some of my trouble spots (cheek, temples, nose). I have done 3 treatments and can say without a doubt that I have seen much improvement. I wouldn't know what percentage to qualify it in, but let's just say 70% or so. PM me, we should talk. chitown
  5. Most importantly everyone, put this stuff on lightly! The last thing you want is for people to notice that you're using this stuff. Try as hard as you might to say "it's for men", you're in for some embaressment if you get too trigger happy with it. Having said that, I also want to say that this stuff is great, it hides blemishes until they go away and the powder is awesome for your t-zone. Makes you look a lot less shiny. chitown
  6. smoothbeam is also working for me as well, that's why i havent been on the board much lately either! Smoothbeam is going to kill this messageboard! ({|= My scars have seen like 75% improvement, and I'm really happy now. Another thing is, psychologicaly, I am doing 150% better. I no longer sit at home and worry and get depressed about my scars. The fact that I am doing something about it, and the laser is showing improvement makes my life feel a lot better. MaryTheres, Franky, everyone
  7. All, I need to add some color to my face.... I'm so pale! I;m a hispanic cat, and right now I'm pretty pale. I normally tan pretty easily, no burning or peeling, and turn a nice bronzen color. This would help hide some of my discoloration, i hope. My main concern is that I just had Smoothbeam done, and my skin might be really sensitive to the sun. Anyone done some tanning recently after any sort of laserbeam treatment? chitown
  8. Raffaele, It's like we're brothers! I'm in the same boat you are, my skin looks otherwise normal except for a patch of scars on my cheek, just like yours. But mine is on the right cheek, not the left cheek. Mine are acutally worse/redder/larger. All in all, they're not so bad though, but I totally understand what you mean. Do you find yourself facing people with your -good- side? On the plus side, I have seen great improvement with the Smoothbeam laser. I would recommend going out a
  9. yeah, i dont grow much hair on my bad cheek - the one with the scars. Also, i had the coolglide laser applied to a couple of spots on the same cheek and that removed my hair there! If i go a couple of days without shaving you can really see how patchy the hair is on my right side. Some spots will grow out, but others might now grow hair for quite a while.
  10. i'm going to have to agree with MaryTheres, my skin looks and feels great! I hope this Smoothbeam is the answer I was looking for. I will keep you guys posted on the progress of my scars! Good stuff!
  11. eh, i wouldn't use it on the whole face like you want to.... i think then it would be noticeable.... try it out though, let me know if it works for you. i just use it on spots here and there.... chitown
  12. i think my scar area is still swollen.... buuuuuut.... it's looking great! It's almost evened out... you can see an outline of the scar but it's all nice and plump! keep in mind that i have already done other laser treatments designed to promote collagen growth, it just wasn't doing enough so I went for the mother of all lasers, the Smoothbeam laser. cool!
  13. don't use too much of it, that's all. i think the biggest concern is the makeup (i mean, mens skin care) will be noticeable. Keep it light, if it can help cover blotches, great, otherwise, let the spot go, it's probably too severe (too red) to cover up. Also, dabbing the area after you put it on helps remove any excessive amount from your face.
  14. The website is : http://www.menaji.com (duh) will, This stuff is no miracle hider. But for those of us with red marks and some spots of discoloration it really helps. Obviously it will not hide a pimple or scar, but it can help some stuff a bit. Again, you don't want to gob it on, cause then it totally looks like you have on makeup. Then you're in for a ribbing by all your friends! #-o