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  1. Hey hun, try not to get yourself down over it. I know it's hard I had real bad cystic acne a few years ago and as we speak one has flared up to the right of my chin! The trick is to drain the bastards, once they are drained they heal up pretty quick. I use a hot/cold compress for about an hour before sleep then over night it usually brings the crap to the surface so you can make a small incision with a sterilised needle and drain the crap out. Also, next time you see your dermatologist demand
  2. So, it's been a whole 15 months since I've been off roaccutane. I've not been on the forums much but to report back, my life is back to normal. It's taken me about a year after my face started to heal to gain back my new level of confidence. Here's how I look now If there's one thing I will never regret in life, it would be the day I went to the dermatolgists and demanded to be put on roaccutane. That day was the beginning of my new life and I wouldnt change a thing so far. Im kind of glad
  3. Your improvement is awesome mate. Thanks for commenting on mine a while back. I wish you clear skin forever, so far mine is holding off. Peace.
  4. Well, its coming up to a year since i was given my first roaccutane pill. And its exactly a year since i took a shot of how bad my face was back then, so i thought id update y'all with how i look today, thanks to roaccutane: ^image doesnt seem to be working, direct link : Click here
  5. Dude, keep in there, your on a high dosage for your weight and its inevitable u will experience some side effects. Cystic acne is terrible i started to look at my diet and the problem is, its fine, i never eat chocolate, have about 2 packs of crisps a year and the rest is decent clean meat and occasionly chips but always with veggies. What does your diet mainly consist of?
  6. Right well, it was a complete and utter random thing. I just one day saw an article in the paper about aspirin its like a wonder drug, one of the best anti inflammatory without a doubt, i thought id take some to see if it helped with the cysts i was getting, but it didnt really work, so i tried putting some on topically, yeah literally all you have to do is crush it into a power add a teeny drop of water and mix it into a paste that isnt too watery so it sticks to your face, honey is a decent ad
  7. Hey, good luck with your journey, im sure it will clear you right up and you should enjoy clear skin in no time. After 2-3 weeks you should start to see it working eg. blackheads fall out, oil production almost stops, and at the 2 month mark things really start to happen. I wish i could have taken photos all along but i was trying to get on with my life and enjoy my days without acne so time sorta flew by and i didnt post for ages! Yea dry lips is a problem, i find the best thing to do every
  8. Ok, finally got round to sorting out some proof of the roaccutane And here are some more shots Any feedback welcome, i can definitely with out a doubt tell the difference on the pics, but obviously from my real observation the difference isnt that great. I just need to sort out the scars now, in particular the ones by my nose, someone asked if id been in a fight the other day and i had to explain what they were, it brought back the memories that wer the hard times. Simo
  9. Well first of all, my apologies. Im sorry i havent been on the boards much updating my progress. I have now finished roaccutane for about 2 weeks now, and have been trying to get on with my life and my new levels of confidence. The results are mind blowing and i hope the persist for the rest of my teenage years. Ironically i had a spot come up yesterday on my neck, it white-headed within about 4 hours and today its on its way out, roaccutane seems to have speeded up the process atleast 3 fold.
  10. It's been a while i believe! I think im on around week 9-10 so that makes: Days 28 ~ 60 Well, lots has happened in this period of time, in that my face is clearing up that is. I dont think ive had a spot come up on my main problem area- my chin for over a month!!! Ive also stopped using bp and just moisturise with eucerin and the occasional dab of bp on my cyst. Blackheads- i honestly dont know where theyve gone! they have been completely obliterated by accutane, havent got a single one on
  11. Days 20 - 28 Had my derm appointment yesterday, got my blood test results back and all was good this means im staying on the accutane band wagon for the stated 16 weeks woo hooo It was kinda funny watchin me take a carrier bag full of roaccutane out of the pharmacy, even the pharmacist and i had a laugh lol. Anyway, as people have said, the blackheads on my nose were bulging last week and now, i think there are only like 5-6 left i cant beleive my eyes!!!!!!!!! Everything just seems
  12. I tried attacking the first one i had, absolutely nothing came out, nothing at all. Its different with this one, as i say a lot came out of it a few days after, and a couple of days ago a little whitehead formed and burst in the shower and a small amount came out. I dont want to fiddle with it because i know how angry they can get, and it is fading with noticeable differences every 2-3 days Days 18 -19 Ive had another spot come up on my chin, although yesterday it hurt quite a lot, after a n
  13. Hey Happy Gilmore! Hmm did u attempt the attack while it was displaying a whitehead ? Well, as for the one by my nose, its not that nasty anymore, my friends keep sayin how much its gone down, but i dont personally think its gone down that much. What happened with mine was it swelled up somthing stupid, i used this boil bandage from my mom, she uses it for her horses when they get lumps, and switches between hot and cold like a compress, after about 3 days there was a whitehead i gently pricked
  14. Days 14 - 17 Had 2 pretty big spots come up on the back of my neck, by the bottom of my hairline on day 13/14 they wer almost both cystic, now at day 17 - they are geting a lot smaller, no pain, and drying out fast. I dont know if anyone else has experienced this, but, the blackheads on my nose have very rarely been very noticable, but now they are very black, very noticeable, and its almost like theyre slightly elevated out of my nose it looks horrible. Ive had a small whitehead come u
  15. Days 13 - 14 Lips still very dry, had a huge spot come up on my neck, right by the sticking out ball bit of your spine, if you get me lol. Came up yesterday, hurted like hell, shrunk in size over night and has dried out. When I get up in the morning now my face is very dry, im glad to see im having some sign that accutane is in my body. I cant believe its day 14, if i wasnt on tane it would probably take over a month for my face to clear up like this (provided i didnt have a breakout). I not
  16. Days 10 - 12 Well, lips are definitely cracking now, shedding a lot of hard skin every day, having to apply lip balm every hour or so now. My chin and around my nose is flakey in the morning, and overall the skin on my face is dry, ive noticed a reduction in oil on my forehead at the end of the day, and also on my nose and chin, but there is still some there. Im glad the side effects are coming out, like itchy eyes, itchy scalp, neck, and whole of my face itches, because atleast i know the tan
  17. Hey PimplesAndWrinkles, I asked about cortisone shots on my first visit to the derm, and they said they do not do them any more, i asked how come ? and they replied, we just dont, damn nhs !!! Every so often i apply some of this special bandage with drawing properties when mixed with warm water, it goes down a little every time, but i must get some aspirin masks again, because on the cyst below the large on by my nose, i put some aspirin on it for about 2 weeks and it completely flattened out, i
  18. Days 6 - 8 Well, lips are getting very dry now, and cracking quite badly, i have to apply lipbalm 3-4 times a day now. Still getting whiteheads in my nostrils, they are absolute buggers ! Nose is also very dry, any advice for that ? lol! Ive had a spot come up to the bottom right of my nose, i thought it was going to be another big cyst, but it seems to be going down now Had work today, doing general labour on site, got really badly burned on my arms and legs and a bit on my face! Hopefully
  19. Day 5 Well, I think tane is starting to kick in, the inside of my nose is quite dry, hit the gym yesterday and my joints hurt a tad lol, that one best go away ! Lips are starting to crack, but not completely rock hard dry..... yet! I sorted out a derm appointment scare yesterday i had to rearrange the appointment they gave me otherwise i would be 8 days without treatmeant of tane, which has to be bad! All is good now, so i got my next blood tests in roughly 3 weeks. I cant seem to find the
  20. Okay managed to get some pics uploaded. Details with them : This was back in february, thought i was past the "stage" of acne: This was the end of march into the beginning of april. This was probably the 2nd worst my face has been with acne, it was very painful and cystic. Here is today, things have calmed down a lot, but the 2 cysts to the right of my nose are probably gonna be hangin round for a long time unfortunately.
  21. Day 4 Well, the whiteheads keep appearing on the inside of my nostrils, each one is painful, i think theres 4 active, 2 in each nostril! Apart from that the skin on my nose was peeling today which ive never had before, my lips get a bit drier each day. My problem area- my chin, there arent any active, but they seem to be less red each day. Im going to try and find some pictures now, and i will take one which shows how my face looks now.
  22. Day 3 Mutant whitehead appeared at the top of my lip where the bridge of your nose meets your upper lip, that popped in the shower so it should heal now. Another darn whitehead appeared inside my nostril ! These buggers are painful ! Nothing much else to report on but my lips seem more drier today, they arent cracking though.
  23. Hey thanks for the replies, glad to see im not on my own in this journal Just taken my dose for day 3, does everyone take theirs all at once (eg. im takin 3x 20mg and 2x 5mg) or do they split it into 2 doses throughout the day ? (so i could do 2x 20mg in morning and 1x 20mg and 2x 5mg in the evening) Meh, i think im worring about too many things at the moment lol. Il carry on with using teeny amounts of bp, until it does more harm than good, and i think im going to need some lip balm lol,
  24. Well, its taken a while; 4 dermatologist visits since last november (nhs sucks), exhausting minocycline, oxytetracycline, erythromicin, doxycycline, flucloxacillin, differin, retin-a, duac, lots and lots of bp over a period of 3 years, and a lot of destroyed confidence, but im finally on what seems to be the right road now. I was prescribed Roaccutane, 70mg per day, for 5 weeks, until i get my blood tests done again after 4 weeks, and another derm appointment in 4 weeks, then i will get the oth