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  1. The best exfoliator I've tried is the one by Clean & Clear, it is a cloth with microscubbers, it doesnt irriate my face or make it red, I just love it.
  2. neutrogena oil free moisture, pick one for your skin type.
  3. I tried purpose bar and its very drying, I use cetaphil bar and I love it, also check out Aveeno oatmeal bar, its real good and they have different bars for different skin types.
  4. I use and love Bare Escentuals, it gives you this nice glow and covers everything. Check out this forum, they are the best they know everything about BE there. Ask them anything u want to know and they'll be glad to help. Here's the link: http://forums.delphiforums.com/bareescentuals/messages
  5. Hye Maya, I have dry skin and the emu oil broke me out so becareful with that, maybe ask for a sample of that.
  6. I got a few zits from it also, I usually know when something is giving me zits and it was the emu oil, I probably tried it a few days and got those zits.
  7. I have tried the glimmers or what ever you call them, they look pretty, but some of them have a gold sheen to them. I personally think BE glimmers are better, was hoping these would be just as good because the price is much cheaper. Also, I tried the neutral pure powder and it looks kinda orange, I was really dissappointed because I was hoping this would be good for when I want the matte look and BE would be good for when I want the glow. I must say though I tried a sample of glominerals and it
  8. For exfoliation, I recommend Clean and Clear cloths with microscrubbers, I love them, they exfoliate really well and they dont irritate my skin, I've tried Olay facials and they barely exfoliate anything. Also, have you tried Queen Helene Mint Julep mask, it can suck up the oil out of ur skin, do it maybe once or twice a week. Oh yea, you know what might help you also a primer, its suppose to make pores look smaller and make the makeup stay on longer. I cant recommend any liquid foundation becau
  9. I am so happy for you, I love to hear when someone find things that work for them, I cant even begin to know what it feels like to have scars, Im having a hard enough time with red marks. Good luck to you and dont over do it, sometimes that can make things worst.
  10. You should probably try a glycolic acid product, I suggest Paulas Choice 8% AHA solution because they offer free samples of whatever product ur interested in to see if you like it, then if you start seeing results and ur skin doesnt get irritated you can go to a 30%, also you can get it from makeupartistschoice if your in states, its only $22.00. But thats for later, try Paulas Choice AHA solution first or Alpha Hydrox's 10% oil-free gel. I think lactic aicd is mostly for discolorations, but I t
  11. Neutrogena's Healthy Skin Face Lotion w/ spf 15 broke me out, I tried it twice and it broke me out both times, I would not recommend this, if you want something with alpha hydroxy acids, I think you should try Alpha Hydrox's AHA oil free gel or Paulas Choice AHA solution, you can get free samples by just emailing their customer service and request whatever u want, but both of the alpha hydroxy product I recommend is like a solution so you are probably gonna need a moisturiser over it.
  12. AngelaJo Mine is in a pink and white tube with hearts I got it in like about a month ago or so, its called avon moisture therapy for dry hands and its suppose to even moisturise after washing, so I guess thats good, but I wont wanna rub it on my cheeks or other parts of my face when washing it off cause it would probably cause breakouts. Also, with the vaseline, did you have any breakouts like on ur upper cheeks or around the eye area from it or the avon cream? Im a little worried about it migr
  13. I've been on the regimen for a year now, sometimes I quit for a week or two and start back again. AngelaJo, I got the avon moisture therapy for the hands (I think thats the name), do you think that could work? It makes my hand feel like silk when I put it on and I was thinking about putting it under my eye area, but it take a bit of rubbing and I dont wanna do that under my eye area, maybe Ill try it. I'm worried about getting those skincolored bumps under my eye area from the vaseline, I usuall
  14. I thought I was the only one having this problem with the lines under eyes, I've been going crazy and trying so many under eye creams, but they dont seem to be working. I think I'll try the vaseline thing, how long does it take to notice a difference with the vaseline, and also do you apply thick or thin and blend it in? Thanks alot!