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  1. Good luck, I hope it works for you too.
  2. Do you wash your face or shower in hot water? If so, stop right now. I posted my success story earlier today:
  3. Give it a go! It's free and so simple to do. My acne was pretty bad before this, my face was pretty much covered in it.
  4. I used a brand of moisturiser called Simple. My suggestion to you, unless your current routine is working well for you, is to shower in warm water but not let any water touch your face. Then wash your face and hair in cold water, ditch the cleansing gel. You should notice your skin doesn't feel dry or tight and hopefully your acne will fade away.
  5. It could be. I did notice that after a hot shower my skin would be sooooo dry and feel a bit tight, so I used a moisturiser to fix the dry skin but I still kept getting acne. As soon as I stopped using hot water, my skin cleared up, I still have to use a little bit of moisturiser to keep the dry skin away though. If you don't mind me asking, how is your skin feeling after a hot shower?
  6. I feel for you, I was in the same situation for years. Do you shower and/or wash your face with hot water? If so, stop right now. That's what cleared my skin up. I posted my story solution earlier today:
  7. That's an interesting idea, glad it worked for you! Did you notice your acne began to clear up quite quickly after you started doing that?
  8. Hello, every so often I will return to this website to tell people what cured my acne in hopes that it'll work for someone else. That's what I'm doing here today. I was a regular user of this site back when I had acne, I took on everyone's advice and suggestions in hopes of finding something, anything, that would stop my acne. I spent a ton of money on acne products, medication and even a boat load of money on laser acne removal which didn't do anything for me personally. The solution
  9. Good luck ArtS, I believe hot water is stripping our faces of oil and than in turn causes our sebaceous glands to overproduce sebum. Does your face feel really dry after you get out of the shower?
  10. I was on here a few months ago telling people how I got rid of my acne, not sure if anyone tried my approach but I hope it worked for someone. Hope someone gives what i say a go today. The solution: don't let hot water touch your face. Ever. Since I've switched to only letting cold water on my face my acne has vanished. Simple as that. Give it a go. Any questions, just ask.
  11. People need to read this so I'm bumping this up. It really worked for me so i hope people see it and give it a try
  12. Never let hot water near your face. Only wash your face, even in the shower, with cold water. Try it and let me know if it stops new spots emerging. It worked for me pretty much straight away.
  13. One big tip - never let hot water near your face. My understanding is that it strips your face of oil so your skin produces more which leads to block pores thus spots. I stopped using hot water when washing my face and in the shower two months ago and my acne stopped basically the day I started doing that. Try it for a week or so and see if it stops new spots coming up. I don't take cold showers but when it comes to washing my hair in the shower i switch the water to cold and bend over slightly
  14. I assume your daughter washes her face with hot water, both when using the cleansers and when in the shower. My tip would be to never let hot water come in contact with her skin. Cold water is the way to go. It's worked miracles for me. It can be a bit hard to tolerate at first but it's not too bad, plus the end result is clear skin. Tell her to give it a go for a week or two and see if any new spots still emerge.